Greenville Bank Robber Identified – Because He’s Too Stupid to Wear a Mask

Which is good since he’s off the streets. And let’s be honest – no criminal is particularly smart or they’d figure out ways to make money that won’t land them in the pokey. Via WSPA we have the fall of master criminal Ullyses Fulton:

Deputies say they’ve found a bank robber, accused of hitting a Wells Fargo Bank in Greenville County.

According to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, arrest warrants are out for Ullyses Fulton. Fulton, who’s from Woodruff, is in custody on an unrelated charge.

Investigators say Fulton robbed the bank on W. Parker Road on June 7. Arrest warrants state he was picked out of a photo lineup. He’s waiting to be transferred to the Greenville County Detention Center where he’ll be charged with Strong Arm Robbery and Entering a Bank with Intent to Steal.

I guess no one ever told him to lay low after committing a crime, or wear a mask while holding up a bank. Judging from his glassy, bloodshot eyes he probably isn’t great at making plans.

Woodruff Road Pawn and Gold Shop Robbed in Broad Daylight!

Who’d a thunk a pawn shop that buys and sells gold would be robbed during bad economic times? The real surprise here is that the robbery happened in broad daylight:

Deputies said they first received a call at 11:38 a.m. that a woman entered the Geico office at 1170 Woodruff Rd. saying a man had tried to rob her at gunpoint, but once deputies arrived they learned that a man had robbed the female clerk at the pawn shop next door to the office.

A male suspect entered the Imperial Gold Buyers store and demanded gold and money from the female clerk at gunpoint, deputies said. Once she gave him the items, he demanded she go to the bathroom in the back of the store and stay there, according to investigators.

The suspect went through all the cabinets and files while the woman hid in the back of the store then the suspect fled through the back door, deputies said. They said they believe there was a second suspect who acted as a “look-out.”

Both suspects were seen in the back of the business in and around a yellow truck which was the vehicle deputies said the armed robber fled in from location.

Deputies said no one was injured during the armed robbery and the suspects have yet to be positively identified or detained.

The first suspect who robbed the clerk was described as a black male about 6′ to 6’2″ tall, weighing between 170 and 190 pounds, wearing a red shirt with a black undershirt, dark shorts, black sneakers with a black backpack and sunglasses, deputies said. He also had a blue triangle tattoo on his left hand between his index finger and thumb.

The second suspect was described as a black male about 5’11″ to 6′ tall, between 150 and 170 pounds, and was wearing a dark T-shirt, dark shorts and dark sneakers, deputies said.

Investigators said the men were seen in a bright yellow, late 1990s model Nissan Frontier

The red shirt and triangle tattoo makes me think this was a Blood gang member.

Malcolm Robert Lee Melvin About to Do 121 Year Bid

For armed robbery. Before you get upset about his “harsh” sentence he actually only got about 12 years for each crime he did. He just did a lot of crimes. With an illegally sawed off shotgun:

A federal judge sentenced a Florence man to 2,298 months or 191 and a half years in prison for robbing convenience stores.

Malcolm Robert Lee Melvin, 21, of Florence was found guilty in a Florence federal court in December of one count of conspiracy, eight counts of armed robbery, and eight counts of using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

United States District Judge R. Bryan Harwell sentenced Melvin on Monday.

Evidence shows between June 22nd and June 28th, 2010, Melvin and his co-defendants robbed eight convenience stores in Florence, Darlington, Calhoun, and Orangeburg Counties.

The businesses affected included a BP gas station, two Cruizers gas stations, and an Exxon station in Florence County; a Sav-way and Markette stores in Darlington County; a Lil Cricket store in Calhoun County; and a Lil Cricket in Orangeburg County.

Firearms used during the robberies included a 9mm pistol and a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun.

In other words he was on a crime spree.

As an aside, you can legally own a sawed off shotgun if you apply to the ATF for a “tax stamp” and pay $200. The fact that he didn’t do this simple process cost him about 40 years of his life. Of course he still would have done the eight armed robberies so…

Melvin has several co-horts who all got significantly less time than him which probably means they rolled on him. No honor among thieves I guess, or in this case among the Rolling 20′s Red Scorpion Neighborhood Bloods which was the gang they were in. The Rollin 20 Red Scorpions were being watched because they were actively recruiting other Blood sets  and were apparently a hate group who only targeted Arabs, Asians, Latinos and Whites. It was even in their “Book of Knowledge” (the gang constitution) that they were to only commit crimes against non-Blacks.

Sounds like he was a murder spree waiting to happen.

Was a “Prepper” Targeted in Travelers Rest Burglary?

Looking at the list of items taken I’d say yes. I’d also say that it’s probably an inside job or at least a job put together by people who were aware of what was to be gained. Most thieves will tell you they don’t have that kind of luck and few are ready to move such a large haul on short notice.

From the TR Tribune:

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. – Items valued at nearly $60,000 were stolen from a residence in northern Greenville County on Thursday, say officials with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Sometime between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., a home located on Ledbetter Road was entered while the owner, who wishes not to be identified, was away.

According to the incident report, jewelery and precious metals valued in excess of $52,000, firearms valued in excess of $6,000, a laptop computer, and a video game system were taken from the home.

The precious metals and firearms are a dead giveaway. I own several guns (three shotguns, two revolvers and my favorite toy a Rossi Ranch Hand in .45 LC) and all together my collection might be worth $2,000 on a good day if I didn’t beat my guns up all to hell. I paid less than $200 for two of my shotguns and got my Ranch Hand on sale at Academy.

“Assault” rifles however run $1,200 average and other “tacticool” weapons favored by new blood preppers are very valuable. I myself am a long time prepper and don’t like such mall ninjary, but to each his own.

As for the precious metals (notice not just gold, but likely silver and platinum) the fact that this person kept them at home means he knows that owning gold on paper is a scam. Good for him. But gold in your house can be stolen. Also while precious metals are a great hedge on inflation that will make you lots of money during inflationary periods it is not actually useful in emergencies. You can find my thoughts on gold as a “prep” in a article I wrote in ’09 called  White Gold: Rethinking Wealth in a Post-Collapse Society. In summery I point out that you should sell gold on the spikes and use the profits to buy seeds, chickens, barter goods and other wealth generation instruments.

I’m betting this guy in Travelers Rest wishes he thought of that now. Or that he invested in a safe.

Police say they have no suspects but my crime blogger sense is tingling and says one of his “friends” in the prepping world needed cash (you’d be surprised how many preppers I meet with drug habits) and put this job together. OPSEC people! Or work from home and jealously guard your hoard of treasure like I do.



(These Old-Timers express my thoughts exactly!)

Per GPD Crime Alert
“Saturday, a victim says he was shopping at the Haywood Mall (Haywood Road) and someone he used to hang out with approached him telling him to come to the parking garage. After arriving at the area, three other black males cornered him and then took cash from a wallet and a department store bag (containing a shirt). After a mall security officer arrived at the scene all suspects fled on foot through the parking garage and Law Enforcement was contacted.”

Ok now…someone I used to hang out with but don’t any more but I trust enough to follow him outside to the garage. I’m thinking the victim owed them money for drugs or betting. This smells fishy to me. But flat out the guy was robbed and apparently not hurt. He gave it up willfully without a fight. Which means he didn’t want to cross them. I wonder if he gave the officers their names? Who knows maybe they were buddies who turned out to be crack heads or something.

You know, this is just another a reason I dislike the notion of stepping on mall property. I hate it even more that people I know and love aren’t into Smith & Wesson insurance as they should be. Classic area to get jacked – a parking garage.

Call me a hermit but I can recommend some online retailers for menswear. Who wants to be around all that Bad Haywood Mall Mojo. It’s not like there are any nice stores there worth risking your purse for anyways.

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