The Bad Maid, Jamal Davenport and Castro’s Nazi Connections

51-year-old Shirley Ann Rogers worked as a house keeper for an elderly couple who were murdered recently. Prior to the murders Rogers had stolen a debit card from the couple and run up over $5,000 worth of charges. Police have yet to call her a suspect.

A gang member from Providence, Rhode Island named Jamal Davenport was picked up at Fall for Greenville for communicating threats over the Internet to a college student. Word on the street s that the victim was a girl who he was stalking. No word yet on what gang he’s in but Providence is mostly Crip territory and as an interesting aside most of big Crip sets are Asian gangs like the Asian Outlaw Boys, Oriental Rascals and The Dark Side though Blacks and Latinos are supposedly allowed to join. It could be that Davenport and his set were run out of R.I. by the Asian gangs.

Mauldin Patch writer Carolyn Farr-Smith is just shocked to see that Craigslist has a lot of different advertisements on it.

But not for long – the NYPD just cracked down on Craigslist drug dealers and a lot of states and localities with large college populations are being pressured to do the same due to the “study aid” market where idiot college kids pop prescription drugs the buy from some person to “help them study” but no at all because they’re drug addicts.

Due to a mistrial a local judge let the very dangerous Patrick D. Lowrance out with time served for his lesser crimes while he awaits a re-trail of his attempted murder case. I’m betting this will bite that judge on the ass at some point since someone who knows Lowrance claims that he can’t keep his nose clean.

Here’s a little something you didn’t learn in history class. During the Cuban missile crisis Castro hired former S.S. storm-troopers to help fight the Americans. Die Walt has the article up but it’s in German, there’s a translated summery here. There’s a more in depth Spanish language article here.

Disgusting! Defenders of Pedophile Candice Smith Claim She Was the Victim

I was looking at the most recent Fox Carolina report on the Candice Smith case when I saw her friends and family making some outrageous claims in the comments section. They claim she was raped by the teen – even though she had sex with him three times, never reported the rape, continued to work with her supposed rapists and police have taken text messages between the two as evidence.

Here’s a summery of the case:

Now here’s a selection of comments by her friends and defenders that happened after someone came in and claimed the media was covering up the fact she was raped – at some point at some time. When people responded that being a rape victim doesn’t excuse you victimizing others her friends displayed the depraved immorality one expects from people who hang around child molesters.

Someone using the handle “Nellie” dropped this little nugget of wisdom:

george, how does being raped give you a free pass? being raped means you are being forced to do something against your will.. you do not know her full story NOR will they broadcast it. CANDICE IS THE VICTIM! does her clean history not help her situation?! i know candice personally and let me tell you, SHE IS NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON! Why would she go to school and work so hard to become a teacher to supposedly have sex with a minor? she could’ve done that years ago!

Yes, why would a child molester work with children? Great argument. Then “unwinding” chimes in with this excuse:

RIchard, I’m a 23 year old female, barely 5′ tall. I have no doubt some 14 year olds could physically overpower me. Tamassee DAR School takes in lots of kids with histories of extreme violence, drug/alcohol abuse and sexual activity. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turned out Smith was raped. It also might interest you to know that 80% of rapes go unreported. Considering that, and the fact that the kid could claim it was consensual thereby ruining her, it’s not surprising that she didn’t report it either. It is wrong to have sex with a 14-y-o. It is also wrong for a 14-y-o to rape somebody. I think we should reserve judgement until the entire case comes to light.

Of course! An evil 14-year-old was blackmailing her for sex! And she told no one because she thought being raped was preferable to being “ruined” at a group home. Makes sense.

Then “Nellie” retunred to pinch off this loaf of asininity:

George – RAPE IS RAPE. Candice was THREATENED by this monster. You don’t know the complete details. Read more closely to what?! The **** that the media is putting out? How do you know what a 14 year old is capable of? She worked at a GROUP HOME FOR TROUBLE TEENAGERS. Does that mean ANYTHING!? Come on now.

I have to agree with her on one thing. Rape is rape and Candice Smith raped a child. How disgusting do you have to be to blame troubled teens for their own victimization? Word of the street is that Candice’s friends and family are taking the Alex Jones route and running around the internet spreading rumors about a “conspiracy” etc. I’m betting the only conspiracy here will be found later when we see “Nellie” and others knew what Candice was up to all along.

Hilarious – Filthy Pervert Daniel Torroll Blames A.D.D. for his Doll Molesting Shenanigans

On August 11th a music teacher from Tennessee named Daniel Torroll was fond by police naked on the property of an elementary school. He was in the process of having sexual relations with a “child-like” doll he had “cut holes into” I take to mean he had made himself a pedophile version of a Real Doll. It’s painfully obvious what he was doing – acting out his fantasy of raping one of the children from that school. But like all perverts Torroll thinks he’s smarter than you, me, the police and everyone else. He’s claiming that he’s not a pedophile at all. He has Attention Deficit Disorder which he claims makes it hard to resist sexual impulses.

Here’s an impromptu interview he did with a reporter on this situation. Notice that though he claims he can’t control his impulses he also claims that he can control impulses that would land him in prison. Not to politicize this, but you’ll also notice that after being found naked with a child size doll he was nailing in public the music teacher says it’s “unfair’ for the news to cover the story. Sounds like someone thinks that there shouldn’t be consequences to his own behavior.

I guess it would also be “unfair” to mention that on his now defunct website he claimed to work at a Montessori school who told reporters they never heard of him. That seems more like a clear scheme to pad out his resume so parents will trust him than “A.D.D.” but I’m no therapist.

The news report covering this story points out something Torroll left out. This happened on the first day of school. And Torroll seems to do all his teaching of children at his house which he calls the “Danny Torroll Skool of Music and Art” which had a website that was pulled down. Any of this sounding A.D.D. related?

Standoff in Simpsonville Leads to School Lock Downs

Not sure if this has been taken care of yet, it started jut a little while ago. Police were serving a warrant on a man in Simpsonville who decided to barricade himself in his house. I assume the house, 7 Durbin Creek Road, is close to two separate schools as both were locked down.

From Fox Carolina:

Susan Clarke, of the Greenville County School District, said Bryson Elementary School and Golden Strip Child Development Center were locked down as a precaution because they were close to the law enforcement situation.

Matt Armstrong, of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies were trying to serve arrest warrants to a man when he barricaded himself in the house. He said that authorities are inside the home, but the man does have weapons with him.

Hopefully the man will wise up and surrender before anyone gets hurt.

More on the Joshua Allen Rape Case

Apparently even though the rape happened nearly just before the Thanksgiving break students weren’t notified until a week or so later. Allen was barred from campus but before his arrest was allowed to attend classes. Parents, tell your kids that colleges are businesses and not an extended family that will watch over. College students, especially women, need to protect themselves:

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