Patrick Tranter Likes to Pimp Out Little Girls


A few days ago 20-year-old Patrick Tranter of Greer was caught in a prostitution sting where he was caught pimping out three underage girls. One of the girls was only 13-year-old.

From Fox Carolina:

Police said they performed the undercover investigation at a local business Friday where they arrested 20-year-old Patrick Tranter and found three minor-aged girls, two of whom were charged with prostitution. The two charged were 13-year-old and 16-year-old girls.

According to Tranter’s arrest warrants, the girls told police that Tranter helped them set up a website to promote them as prostitutes and also helped them work.

Tranter was also found waiting in the parking lot where the girls were arrested, police said.

I waited a couple of days to see more info come out but it seems like not a lot is forthcoming - especially from a  local media that claims a man pimping out children is “helping” the children prostitute. But I’ve heard that the girls were using sites like Backpage and the sting was in a motel. I hear that Tranter actually comes from a pretty good family but they can’t be that good since he was pimping out children to perverts.

“Bottle Girl” Belinda Dobrowolski Needs You to Help Her Design Her T-Shirt Slogan!

A 24-year-old Indiana woman named Belinda Dobrowolski has become an Internet sensation when video of her entertaining a crowd of guys by stripping naked and shoving bottles in her vagina went viral. Police were not as entusiastic about her exploits as the crowd so they tracked her down, charging her with Public Nudity.

On her Facebook page she is asking for suggestions for a slogan to put on a t-shirt that would commemorate her impromptu live donkey-less show. I would suggest some permutation of “My father didn’t love me and I’m kind of ugly so I do degrading things to get the attention from men I think will help fill the void where my soul should be!”

Here’s video of Belinda keeping her weak chin up:

Full Interview Belinda Dobrowolski

So this is pretty much it huh? Western Civilization is going out not with a whimper but a gang bang.

Occupy Oakland Came Out to SUPPORT Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking?

Looks that way. Despite media claims to the contrary the Occupy movement has never had a coherent message aside from the nebulous desire to “smash capitalism” while making demands that people continue to participate in capitalist enterprise in order to subsidize Occupiers lifestyles through the taxation of activities the Occupiers claim are immoral. Otherwise the movement simply tries to line up against whatever Americans in general believe. This time Occupy Oakland may have went too far for even the most rabid armchair revolutionary as they held a protest targeting a meeting of groups trying to stop human trafficking and child sexual exploitation:

On Wednesday, June 13, members of the Occupy movement protested against a conference dedicated to combatting child sex trafficking — thus, the Occupiers in essence were coming out in favor of one of society’s most loathsome moral crimes.

The protesters mostly were members of Occupy Oakland Patriarchy, a group within the overall Occupy movement tasked with overthrowing our civilization’s “patriarchy.”

The conference which so infuriated them was called HEAT Watch, short for the National Human Exploitation And Trafficking Watch Conference.

If there’s one issue that unites Americans of all political stripes, it’s the sexual enslavement of children. Whatever our opinions on other issues, we all agree that sex trafficking and the prostituting of children is an outrage and a tragedy. Thus, conference attendees included liberal, moderate and conservative politicians; progressive nonprofit organizations; law enforcement groups; religious leaders; and (according to the conference Web site) “social services, medical providers, mental health, education, probation, and community-based organizations.” In short: Everybody.

Everybody, that is, except Occupy Wall Street, who somehow found a way to oppose the abolition of child sexual slavery.

The picture above (courtesy PJ Media) illustrates two points about the protest. The first is that it is rich, White, sheltered suburbanites who make up such asinine protests – the very people who knowingly are accomplices to the sex slave trade through their patronage of sites like Backpage and CraigsList.

The second and more important point is that this woman, who knows that children don’t go willingly into prostitution and that the adults these conferences are talking about are being forced into it as well, is willing to tell a lie that keeps people in sexual servitude to make her political point. In other words these protesters are defending rape for profit operations targeting the most vulnerable because it fits in some nebulous political or cultural agenda they have. These protesters just don’t care about the victims or right and wrong.

Understand these protesters are claiming that we should do nothing when some pimp is selling a child to perverts. We should do nothing when illegals are kidnapped and forced into rape camps (they call them brothels) by gangs. But the rest of us are “exploiters” and greedy?

This isn’t just about politics. Our society is increasingly inundated with voices like this, people who claim child exploitation is no big deal, that children are sexual beings etc. Often these people are involved in groups that promote a pro-pedophile agenda but rarely do we see an example of pro-pedophilia activism as clear and open as this. These people were fighting to stop people from rescuing children from sexual servitude. Is that what our society has become?

Is this a left/right issue? Are we really now choosing sides on issues of rape and slavery? Where is the condemnation from the rest of Occupy? Where’s the press coverage? Where do we stand as a nation when our privileged, spoiled dregs are fighting for the “rights” of pimps and sex slavers to force women and children into prostitution?

Rotten Reporting: Fox Carolina Thinks Patrick McCall Was Arrested for “Having Sex with Girl”

Unless heterosexuality was banned in South Carolina when no one was looking Fox Carolina is being a bit misleading with it’s headline of the Patrick McCall story. They title it Greenville Man Accused of Having Sex with Girl:


A Greenville man was arrested last month after a girl said he had sex with her in April, according to Greenville police.

According to arrest warrants, Patrick McCall, 35, had sex with the 14-year-old girl twice at his Rutherford Road home.

Now people in the area will know that Fox Carolina among other use the term “sex with girl” to describe any pervert molesting anyone over the age of nine. Conservatives, Christians and other people concerned with media bias will be interested to know that when Christian or Jewish clergy are involved they usually put the age of the child in the headline.

But the point is that this short hand they developed for adults sexually exploiting, raping and molesting children and teens minimizes the criminality involved. If the charges are true McCall wasn’t “having sex” with a “girl” he was molesting a young teen. A 35-year-old man is not “having sex” with a 14-year-old girl he is exploiting a child for his own sick gratification.

WYFF is reporting that the arrest originated when the girl was in the emergency room and police were called. That’s a tidbit of information that seems important but Fox Carolina left out. I guess it would hurt the attempts by some in the media to minimize child sexual exploitation to have said exploitation associated with medical emergencies.

According to public records McCall is charged with two counts of 2nd degree Criminal sexual conduct with minor – victim 11 to 14 yrs of age. According to the SC Courts website this crime is one where:

That the accused used aggravated coercion to accomplish sexual battery

Note: Refer to §16-3-651 for definitions of aggravated coercion and sexual battery. Aggravated coercion is distinguished from aggravated force in that coercion entails a threat, where aggravated force involves the carrying out of the threat. A person is guilty of this offense if he engages or attempts to engage in sexual battery with a victim who is 11 to 14 years old and the actor is older than the victim. Also, one is guilty of this offense if the victim is 14 to 16 years of age and the actor is in a position of familial, custodial, or official authority to coerce the victim to submit, or is older than the victim.

So if I’m reading this right McCall at best accused of using a position of authority to get between the legs of a very young teen, at worst cops think he actually threatened the teen into having sex with him.

According to our local media that’s the same as two people meeting in a bar and going home together because it’s all just “having sex” or whatever.

Man nabbed Wanking his Wankee in Greenville Park

Per WYFF today, a 30 year old juvenile named Brian McDavid was caught, I can’t write it down…masturbating in front of a 19 year old female. He touched her shoulder was she was walking her dog. She quickly got away but then told her mother – who then tracked the guy down. As he was leisurely strolling through the park, stroking his happy stick, you know, like you do, he was arrested by I’m assuming Greenville County Sheriffs. Love you guys new-ish website by the way. Any hoo…this is a lesson to all you women, and men I suppose. Weirdos hang out in parks. It’s not right or fair but its true. I recommend at least having a good pepper spray in your pocket. This guy obviously needed to get a room at the county lock up for the night…it defies all logic.

I looked on Google Maps for a “park” and it looks like a Greenville Park Rec District is nearby but it’s hard to tell.

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