At Least We’re Not Oregon

There you can be arrested for collecting rainwater. Check this out:

Tammy Bruce is outraged.

This is actually part of the Agenda 21 movement which it behooves all of you to read up on. When the government claims it owns the rain and you can’t collect it, you are no longer free.

Occupy Cleveland Caught Plotting Bomb Attacks!

Remember this story next time some hippy tells you the Occupy movement is peaceful and it’s the TEA Party that is violent. Just to be clear, one of the Ohio “anarchists” caught in an FBI sting planning to blow up bridges and murder people was in fact the spokesperson for Occupy Cleavland and another was a “leader” in the movement. Media Trackers has plenty of evidence.

The worst part about this plot was how nihilistic this movement has been exposed to be. One of the bombers even volunteered for a suicide bombing mission. Think about that – a rich suburbanite is willing to kill himself to make a ideological statement:

(Brandon) Baxter claimed to have acquired eight pounds of C-4 explosive, and suggested they look for a neo-Nazi or Klan headquarters in Ohio to blow up. Wright suggested blowing up a Federal Reserve bank with a car bomb. He also allegedly said he would consider wearing a suicide vest but would have to be “very drunk” to go through with it.

So … this is the 99%? Here’s the FBI affidavit to peruse. Think about this next time someone tells you how harmless Occupy is.

Word on the Street: Don’t Use Your Credit Card at Travelers Rest Wal-Mart

I got an email from a tipster who says her debit card number was stolen and used last Tuesday. She found charges she didn’t make for a company called Voxox as well as a PC game charge. Voxox is a cell phone and calling card company that does a lot of overseas business including in the scam capitol of the world – Nigeria. This is especially troubling since the feds just broke up a cigarette smuggling ring in Columbia that was using the proceeds to finance Islamic terrorists. Since many African states (including Nigeria) are struggling with rising Islamic militancy scams that funnel funds or equipment to those states are likely ending up helping the Jihad. Disposable cells, like Voxox use,are used in the construction of improvised explosive devices.

The tipster is adamant that she had only used the card at the Travelers Rest Wal-Mart prior to the theft and several people in the last few months have told me the same thing. Aside from reporting this to the police I advise people to get cash from somewhere else and shop at Wal-Mart without using your cards. You could be inadvertently funding suicide bombings.

The Shafia Family Massacre

Someone wrote in to ask my opinion and I haven’t really written about this. It’s an important case as it’s exposing the extent of radical Islamization in Canadian society. Here’s Ezra Levant discussing the killings and he pretty much takes the words out of my mouth. Canada is to blame for this and if the Shafia girls were White they’d still be alive.

Hate Campaign Against Jews in New Jersey Escalating

Apparently there have been several attacks on Jews in Jersey recently that have culminated in the family of an Orthodox rabbi being targeted in an arson attack. Via Atlas Shrugs is a video report:

What a surprise. Oh, it’s not actually since just recently a New York City Councilman actually had to call on NYC street vendors to stop selling Swastika earrings. Yeah, you read that right. Street vendors in NYC were selling Swastika earrings:

Brooklyn, NY – Council Member Stephen Levin (D-Williamsburg) issued the following statement after learning from an article in The Gothamist by Christopher Robbins that Bejeweled, a Greenpoint retailer, is selling swastika earrings:

“One of the most discouraging and disgusting examples of hate in our City is the recent rash of anti-Semitic vandalism in Brooklyn and Manhattan,” said Levin. “The fact that a young person can walk into a store in Greenpoint and spend $5.99 on a pair of swastika earrings only serves to promote and extend the recent resurgence of anti-Semitism in New York. I won’t stand for this in my neighborhood or in my district and I am calling on Bejeweled and all other City retailers who sell these earrings to remove them from your shelves and help us remove the hate from our City.”

You’ll notice that the above paragraph references a surge of anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC. This isn’t new, when I left NYC a few years ago there was a wave of desecration of Jewish cemeteries. I advise all my Jewish friends to move to the south and get out of the northeast before the pogroms begin.

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