Enoree Neighborhood Stalked by Masked Prowlers

Who seem intent on nothing more than causing fear. This isn’t a local story but if this is truly a random crime you never know when this person or persons will decide to take their show on the road. It seems like a vendetta of some kind, and the fact the people tried to steal a dog means they are trying to take things farther than the average feuding neighbor or jealous ex is willing to. Hopefully cops will wrap this up quickly.

This is also why you should be armed, not just with guns but various implements. I keep guns, but I also have “non-lethal” weapons for situations where someone is trespassing but aren’t armed. I really like the Cold Steel Sjambok for puttering in the garden and such. It can inflict some gruesome wounds but stops short of killing. I also just purchased a Cold Steel Scimitar Spike neck knife which I’ve been wearing around and it’s quite comfortable. It’s also easy to bring into action and when you enter a building like the DMV where no concealed weapons are allowed you don’t have to fret while your $400-800 pistol is sitting in the glove box surrounded by people with Xanax addictions.

But if this was happening to me I’d be carrying a gun:

Occupy San Diego Protesters Turn Violent When Hot Dog Vendors Refuse Them Free Food

But hey, they’re just like the Tea Party! Remember when the Tea Party started shaking down hot dog carts for free food with threats of violence? Remember when we threw blood and urine on people’s property in fits of pique over not being given free stuff? No? Oh, that’s right. The Tea Party isn’t made up of drugged out, spoiled rich kids who think their the vanguard of the new Soviet America:

From CBS Los Angeles:

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A pair of Southland street cart vendors who were forced to shut down their businesses after “Occupy” protesters vandalized their carts are hoping to get some help from local residents.


The coffee and hot dog carts were located in Civic Center Plaza, the same location as the Occupy San Diego protesters.

That group first settled in to the plaza Oct. 7 and set up a tent city which has since twice been taken down by police.

Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.

And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks.

“Both carts have had items stolen, have had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti, as well as one of the carts had urine and blood splattered on it,” said Councilman Carl DeMaio.

The damages will likely require at least a complete cleaning if not a replacement of the cart covers, DeMaio said.

In addition to the attacks, the vendors also said they recently received death threats.

So unless people provide them with free stuff they will murder people? Sounds like they truly are the 99% … of felons. Here’s video of Letty Soto (among others) begging the authorities to save her from these thugs. She needed police protection to appear in public:

Notice that the Occupiers are all White kids and the people they’re terrorizing are mainly minorities. Again the true colors of the radical left are Klan white.

Series of Brick Attacks on Drivers in South Carolina?

This news report takes its sweet time getting to the real story – there have apparently been a string of brick attacks on moving cars in South Carolina. No description here but I understand it was three older teens, one with blonde hair. Anyone with information call 1-888-CRIME-SC. And drivers be careful out there.

Greenville Police Looking for “Taggers”

Which in Greenville apparently means rich White kids who were here visiting with their bad parents who couldn’t be bothered to watch them. Hardly the “taggers” of my youth. Watch this video an see where the detective work drops the ball – here’s a hint, it’s when they get information about the suspect being in a place that people have to check into:

Degenerates Destroy Widow’s Christmas Display in Greenville

Witnesses are saying they say a dark Ford Explorer pull up to the crime scene and three teens get out, but I’m betting that these “teens” will be in their early to mid-20s and will be lurking even now in downtown den of iniquity Coffee Underground.

From WSPA:

Hopefully when they’re caught they’ll resist and get tasered.

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