Word on the Street: People Buying More than Just Food with Food Stamps

Surprise! There are some stores in the county that, according to some, will let people use their EBT cards (I think they’re called SNAP here) to buy booze and smokes but the real action are people selling their benefits or sometimes selling the food they get for the old standbys of sex, drugs and cash. Sites like Craigslist and Backpage are policing those ads but they are cropping up. I also understand that some drug dealers will accept benefits – at a lesser rate than cash of course.

I’m not sure how that works. Maybe they have card swipers? Mobile e-card readers like the PayAnywhere PAR-1 Mobile Card Reader make this sort of fraud much easier and the device itself can be purchased on Amazon for $10. Last year there was an article out of New England where people were caught selling the actual cards for cash.  I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of thing is more common here. Apparently if you “lose” your cards in many states the taxpayers foot the bill for a new one so there’s no incentive to keep hold of them.

On the other hand escorts and other people who conduct “business” by phone are probably aware of technological advances that make their business easier.

Anyone think drug testing welfare recipients might make a dent in this? Nah that’s crazy Tea Party talk.

You can check the official South Carolina website and see that booze, smokes and hookers are not approved items to buy. JP Morgan handles the processing though and they’re known for tolerating fraud. I suppose that if you really cared about this you could report stores and people defrauding the government – but it’s a long process where you need to provide the evidence. So unless you can grab a receipt from the liquor store where you saw the fraud it’s pretty pointless. Huzzah for the system! The welfare state is working so well there’s a song about it:

Word on the Street: Mauldin Robbers were Targeting Escorts

Unlike the johns who take advantage of their drug addictions or the fact that some thugs will kill them if they don’t sleep with enough people to by his drugs I care about the working girls so I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to them being targeted. I included a link in my last round up to a story about a Mauldin woman who was robbed at gunpoint and implied there was a sex work angle to that story. The word on the street is that this was a attempted robbery of Amanda’s Escorts which operates out of the same address as the victim.

I can’t confirm that the victim was an escort though, she may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time or she may have just been dressed for a date and been mistaken for a call girl but it’s 90% certain that gunmen were looking to rob that agency and I have a source that says there’s been an uptick in attempted robberies of escorts in the area.

Stay safe out there girls.

Word on the Street: “Sex Party Teacher” Audrey Grabarkiewicz Seen Babysitting!

Remember Audrey Grabarkiewicz? She’s the pre-school teacher who along her child molester friend Sarah Lindsay was caught hosting drug and sex parties where children went to get high and have sex with the two skank. Grabarkiewicz, or whatever her name is now since her husband divorced her, somehow beat the rap and got no jail time.

Of course she was only charged with contributing and not any sex crimes so I’ve always assumed she rolled on her pervert friend who had been charged with sex crimes where the victims were between 11-14.

Regardless of how that case went down I was surprised when a tipster told me that Audrey is now working as a babysitter for some other skank who allows the now down on her luck  party girl to stay with her. I’m also told that the mother of the year who allows a woman who plied pre-teens with drugs and alcohol so her friend could molest them spends time “partying” with Audrey. You’ll apparently see them in the nightclubs together.

I found a forum page where some of the “sexts” she sends to guys (notice I didn’t say men) are available. The ones that aren’t x-rated anyway. A middle age woman who sends nude pics of herself to random dudes seems like a good choice for a babysitter. I urge anyone who knows this person to call CPS.

“But Rob, There’s Not a Drug Problem in Greenville County”

The above is “sexy Lexy” a local “escort” who sells herself on several websites. She’s only 29 and as you can see she’s pretty much what you expect a drug abuser to look like.

Now I’m sure “sexy Lexy” is a nice enough lady but I can assure you that she doesn’t put the penises of strangers who can’t get laid without paying for it into her mouth, vagina and rectum out of the kindness of her heart. Women who hook either have a pimp forcing them to hook or they’re addicts or their both.

The word on the street is that there are a number of “independent” workers in the area now hitting online sites looking for johns. The common factor is that all have habits that can’t be fed with a minimum wage gig.

But this isn’t a problem someone said to me recently. There’s no evidence that Greenville has any sots of problems that come from drugs – right?

Anyway despite what idiots tell you about how there’s no drug problem in the area the online sites known for prostitution are being flooded with new young addicts from a decidedly middle and upper middle class background. I hear there’s a big uptick in herion, crack and meth use especially among the downtown party scene and as those girls run out of money they are turning tricks out of desperation. Worse, someone told me a few weeks ago there was a college co-ed banging people for weed – she claimed she “needed” it for medical reasons. What she needs is to not hang around people who would take advantage of an obviously crazy person.

Ain’t the drug culture grand!

Word on the Street: Oakland Raider Gear is a Gang Sign

A couple of different readers emailed me to tell me that they are seeing “thug” types who are clearly newcomers to the area wearing Oakland Raiders gear and wanted to know what gang uses that as a identifier. The answer is a lot of different gangs do. Both Folk Nation and People Nation gangs wear Raiders attire for various reasons. These “nations” are alliances of lots of different gangs who share a loose affiliation and some symbols.

In a 2007 news article San Bernardino County district attorney’s office gang prosecutor Cheryl Kersey said that probably 90% of gangs in that area used Oakland Raiders merchandise. Chicago area gangs are also known to use Raiders gear.

There’s been a lot of people moving here from gang infested areas and there are a lot of people moving here that have drug habits. I expect an uptick in gang activity as our drug market gets bigger and more lucrative. Stay away from “thugs’ wearing Raiders gear.


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