Charles Goldie Williams Belongs in Prison Forever

And it seems like the parole board agrees since he was just denied parole:

COLUMBIA – The state’s parole board today rejected one Greenville killer’s request for freedom and postponed action on another after the victim’s family appeared on his behalf.

The five-member panel voted unanimously to reject parole for Charles Goldie Williams, convicted in 1975 for killing three teenage girls, ordering their heads shaved and dumping their bodies in the Reedy River.

The GreenvilleOnline report says he ordered the girl’s heads shaved after killing them which I assume is yet another example of the hackery that goes into that so-called paper. Williams raped three teenage girls, murdered them, then shaved their heads and dumped their bodies in the Reedy River. It was a brutal crime by an evil individual and he belongs in jail. This is the 15th time he was denied parole and I hope for 15 more.

WSPA has an interview with one of the victim’s parents.


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