Chi-Coms Running Online Fake ID Ring?

11 local high school students are under arrest after federal authorities seized a package coming in from China that contained counterfeit South Carolina driver’s licenses. These high end fakes are indistinguishable from official documents which should raise suspicions:

Sgt. Jason Rampey said the licenses have real-looking holograms and a functioning magnetic strip, though all the information on the card is fake.

“The average person working in a bar, or a club, or even a law enforcement officer would be fooled by that,” Rampey said. He added that the false information would be flagged if the card was run through a police computer.

Police have not released the name of the company that created the licenses but said that the company’s website indicated that licenses from all 50 states are available.

Rampey said teens provided the fake information and a picture to the website along with $75 and the fake licenses would arrive in the mail.

Though the news is focusing on ring leader Frasier Mills who was ordering the IDs and reselling them at a profit the real issue here is that this facet of China’s counterfeiting industry is a literal security risk for our country. Hundreds of these IDs are thought to be floating around, which means felons may be using them to buy guns, illegals are using them to steal identities from Americans left to pay the bills and of course children are using them to prove they’re adults – which is probably not just a problem with underage drinking. Runaways being trafficked for sex can use these to avoid being taken into protective custody, or to get jobs in the sex industry.

The Chinese already cost American companies billions every year with their state sanctioned criminal enterprises, now they’re endangering out children.


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