Clemson Researcher John Huffman: Smoking K2 is Like Competing for The Darwin Award

The Darwin Awards are perhaps one of the most tasteless Internet memes, which explains the popularity of the idea. In a nutshell, the meme goes something like this: person does something stupid, dies in the process, and 30-year-old World of Warcraft nerds who spend their free time trolling Internet forums all laugh as they finally find someone they think they’re actually superior to. I’ve always found the glee at others’ misfortune to be fairly vile, but the term actually can come in handy when describing a risky and foolish behavior.

Like smoking a synthetic marijuana substitute you know nothing about but the creator of which claims is too dangerous to ingest recreationally.

John Huffman, the creator of the substance now being sold to your children in head shops by people who don’t care whether your kids live or die has been in the news recently trying to convince the morons that have been smoking his synthetic cannabinoid that they are putting themselves in danger:

“It’s like playing Russian roulette. You don’t know what it’s going to do to you,” Huffman said. “You’re a potential winner of a Darwin award,” referring to the tongue-in-cheek awards given to people who “do a service to humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool.”

In addition to the compound being made without strict quality control or any regulation, as far as anyone knows, the compound itself has never been tested on humans. And when it was tested on mice, Huffman said, the animals were euthanized at the end of the experiment, so scientists don’t even know how it affects mice long-term. “And mice are not humans,” Huffman said.

Doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you want in your body. So what is K2 anyway?

This K2 compound was first created in the mid-1990s in the lab of organic chemist John W. Huffman of Clemson University, who studies cannabinoid receptors. He’s not sure how the recipe for what is named JWH-018 (his initials) got picked up, but he did publish details on a series of compounds including JWH-018 in a book chapter. Even before that book came out, he recalls learning that in China and Korea people were selling the compound as a plant growth stimulant.

As for where it was first smoked or used as a recreational drug, Huffman thinks perhaps somewhere in Europe.

“Apparently somebody picked it up, I think in Europe, on the idea of doping this incense mixture with the compound and smoking it,” Huffman told LiveScience. “You can get very high on it. It’s about 10 times more active than THC,” the active ingredient in marijuana.

From a chemist’s perspective, that means K2 has an affinity for the cannabinoid brain receptor (CB1) that’s about 10 times greater than THC. For the less chemically inclined, it means you can smoke a lot less K2 to get just as high.


Since JWH-018 or K2 acts like marijuana, you’d expect to see the same effects, including sleepiness, relaxation, reduced blood pressure, and at high doses, hallucinations and delusions.

While some patients between the ages of 14 and 21 were showing up with hallucinations, other symptoms, such as increased agitation and elevated blood pressure and heart rates, didn’t match up with marijuana.

(Dr. Anthony) Scalza speculates either another compound is responsible for the nasty side effects, or the concentration of JWH-018 is too high.

Unfortunately we won’t know anytime soon because Dr. Scalza, a professor of toxicology studying an epidemic of emergency room visits by K2 users, is having trouble getting said stoners to consent to having their urine and blood examined.

Huffman has another interview in The Greenville News that has more in depth information on the dangers of this fake pot. Smoke it at your own risk.


32 Responses to “Clemson Researcher John Huffman: Smoking K2 is Like Competing for The Darwin Award”

  1. XReply on April 14th, 2010 4:04 pm

    I understand your desire to plaster the idiocy of trying a drug that hasn’t been tested or approved by the FDA, but the one single flaw in all of this seems to be your lack of a desire to realize that most, if not all legal drugs have many insane side-affects far worse than a rapid heart-beat. Keep in mind that Dr. Scalza has an extensive history in anti-drug propoganda, automatically disqualifiying him as a dependable source for scientific research or even facts for that matter. True, this synthetic drug may be 10 times stronger than most marijuana on the market, but I can vouche as someone who has tried both the “street grade” marijuana, top-grade 17th-generation marijuana and the syntheticized marijuana in this topic and while they all induce a similar high, and can produce paranoia and an increased heart-rate… any experienced individual wouldn’t bother going to the emergency room. These kids that did this (mentioned in the greenville news link you provided) were nothing more than inexperienced teenagers that had no clue what to expect anyway and had a panic attack when it wasn’t just all happy-fun-time. Anyway, the effects of abusing any drug can be negative, but synthetic marijuana is, at the very most, a mild sedative that doesn’t do anything more than some NYC Diesel (a strand of marijuana) – which produces an increased heart rate and a bit of paranoia at first, which can simply be relieved by getting your lazy butt up and doing some house work. Not that I’m suggesting anyone go out and try it, but none of those kids died or even had any severe problems after they were calmed down. Life goes on and this over-analyzed news remains unnecessarily dramatized.

  2. Rob Taylor on April 14th, 2010 8:30 pm

    If you bothered to read the research, including papers written by the person who literally created the stuff, you’d see that you’re wrong. But more importantly, your comment makes it sound like you’re an adult but you’re basically demanding that people not criticize you smoking some substance that was never supposed to be smoked. This doesn’t sound like how a “adult” would act.

    When are you going to grow up and stop looking for ways to get high? What’s next, gonna spread toothpaste on cigarettes to get a buzz? Do a little huffing? Play the choking game?

    Go back to Coffee Underground moron.

  3. anarchycanwork on May 11th, 2010 2:01 pm

    Hey mr rob taylor why don’t you do some research before you open your mouth about things you have no clue about. John Huffman in all of his reports stated thar he has no clue what the effects are on humans. Honestly I think he is just trying cover his tracks so he’s not held reliable for anything, meanwhile he’s sitting back drinking martinis making bank off of selling his synthesis to companies and off the chemical use itself. Considering the fact that this chem binds to the cb1 and cb2 receptors it acts exactly like thc the chemical in marijuana. That being said there probably are not any effects differently than that of marijauna considering in 4 yrs of this stuff on the shelves not a single death has occured. 160 have only been documented in this time to have bad side effects. These anxiety side effects and increase in blood pressure are the same side effects reported from marijuana use by usually first time users or occasional users who got a stronger strain whith more potent thc levels. Might I add that there are no documented deaths whatsoever and never has been any from marijuana or any substances alike. Edit: No Spam Aloud this article sums it up prefectly that cigarettes, bad diets and being unhealthy, and our favorite ALCOHOL are the leading causes of death in the US. Funny thing is bad diet and being unhealthy/OBESITY is the second leading cause of death. Are you fat? Are you healthy? Better be otherwise your dead. Did you know that doctors, lawyers, and the makers of the music you probably listen to smoke weed? Are they “immature” and in need of growing up. Some of the most successful people in this country most likely smoke weed with anual salaries you will never see. Point is toxic household chemicals are more likely to kill someone than these herbal blends and the compounds they contain. Rob my friend you are a debbie downer and its people like you who make other’s lives boring I would love to hear what you do for fun on a daily basis. I would rather my son smoke this or maurijauna than smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol because those things are actually PROVEN to have long term effects such as DEATH!!!!! Better join a gym and eat right or you’ll be in the hospital dieing next to someone who is about to check out for a minor anxiety attack from Herbal Blends

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  5. PeaceMaker68 on June 27th, 2010 11:38 am

    Well guys, I agree and disagree with both of you,
    I believe that each individual should do what they feel comfortable with.
    I personally don’t want to try synthetic anything, because I believe, even though some strands of marijuana are cross bread or specially grown, they are natural and the way that God intended them to be. There is a natural herb for all illness and disease. They haven’t even all been found or there would be no cancer or aids. That being said. If an intelligent educated adult makes a decision to smoke either/or, then they shouldn’t judge or be judged. Accept that each of us are individuals and as far as I am concerned marijuana was meant to be a peaceful and relaxing assistant and it just so happens one of the ways of consuming it, is to smoke it but it isn’t the only way. Don’t forget that some doctors do prescribe it legally. More than you realize. Marijuana is not always prescribed in cigarette form either. Just some plain old realism to throw in the mix. Call it something to think about….. Thanks.

  6. stkq on July 5th, 2010 1:13 am

    There is something really appalling about the author’s position towards the personal responsibility of merchants to consumers.

    He characterizes the employees of head shops as amoral poisoners of children, yet I would be surprised if he feels similarly about the cashiers at a local fast food chain. Or the CEOs of said companies who almost certainly abstain from their own products?

    The shot at WoW players in their 30s is similarly puzzling. Perhaps this journalist is upset by the disparity between his wages and those who pursued a more technical **cough**useful**cough** field.

  7. Rob Taylor on July 5th, 2010 1:24 am

    Women’s Studies 101? Only a moron would claim getting high and fast food are the same thing. In this case the man who INVENTED what you claim is harmless is flat out telling you that you shouldn’t smoke it.

    But hey, that’s just part of the Judeo-Capitalist narrative of patriarchal oppression right?


  8. Dude on July 31st, 2010 12:57 pm

    Instead of using insults and subjective here say, let’s use some facts.

    The creator of this chemical makes no claims that there is sufficient evidence FOR or AGAINST this chemical causing negative side effects.

    Cannabis (and it’s active ingredient Tetrahydrocannabinol) has been demonized for decades but never has a death been contributed solely to it’s use. Researchers have been trying to prove it’s negative side effects since Reagan and they’ve never found conclusive evidence.

  9. Rob Taylor on July 31st, 2010 4:09 pm

    A) You mean “hear say” and that’s not what subjective means.

    B) If people insult me why should I not insult them? Like the typical spoiled rich White douche you are you think you are entitled to treat people however you want but not have people treat you in kind. Grow up.

    C)The creator is the one saying you shouldn’t smoke it. That would be an “against” for it’s use.

    D)There are 30 years of studies that prove chronic or heavy cannabis use both worsens symptoms of mental illness and produces symptoms similar to schizophrenia. But we’re not talking about cannabis, we’re talking about a lab made substance that the creator himself said you should probably not smoke.

    E) Get a job.

    Here’s my challenge to you. If pots so great explain the increase in admissions for “Marijuana psychosis” in Europe and explain the 420 for sex ads on Craigslist.Try doing it with out a visit to the NORML forums.

    Bonus question: Where does NORML get their funding? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not mainly supported by donations as they claim.

  10. Love on August 23rd, 2010 2:43 am

    Smells weird but does the same as weed. But it’s legal!! It’s about time! Can’t wait for weed to be legal they have people smoking chemicals now!! Lol let’s see alcohol is legal n kills people everyday! Weed is used for medical issues and is illegal! Now smoking chemicals is legal! What the f is wrong with our government???

  11. Victimless Crime File: Kid Has Heart Attack After Smoking K2 : Greenville Dragnet on August 31st, 2010 3:42 pm

    [...] lot of stoners have been claiming my original post about K2, where I point out that the man who invented it says smoking it is stupid, is just me overreacting [...]

  12. ThankfulMom on September 22nd, 2010 1:52 pm

    Let me share something. My son almost died from smoking this stuff. He had smoked it some before last week, and like “advertised” had a high similar to pot’s. Until last week. Almost immeiately after smoking it, he & his buddy both started having a bad trip (horrible hallucinations). Then my son started seizing. The seizure lasted over an hour. His heart rate elevated from normal (60-100) to hovering at 280, peaking at 300 (the max the heart can beat is 300). He was totally unresponsive for hours. You try sitting in the trauma ER next to your unresponsive child for hours and then tell me it’s not harmful. My son almost died. The other guy also had to be transported to the ER for erratic & elevated heart rates. While he didn’t have a seizure, he probably has permanent heart muscle damage. He’s under 25 and cannot run at all now and he has to stop to rest when going up one flight of stairs.

  13. Someoneoutthere on November 8th, 2010 9:58 pm

    wow…It’s ridiculous how many childish name calling and fowl language gets thrown around on a subject that has very little research information easily available to the public… Seems a bit crazy that they’d make legal something that could potentially be dangerous to individuals, but then again fast food and burgers filled with so many chemicals and growth horomones that widen our hips are available to everyone and consumed practically every day almost all day by everyone in this country we live in, i think the comparison of these two very different subjects is very well put… I’ve been smoking the Spice stuff for quite sometime now, have had no ill effects from it and it’s about the same every time, I get high, i enjoy my evening with an extremely nice similar high as that of a body fry wears off fairly quick, if over-smoked, you get a freaking headache, no seizures, no hallucinations, none of those sorts, but then again I’ve stuck with the same brand, I’m not so sure about all these different brands out there, but I do know that all the different spice providers all have to be doing something different with their herbal mixtures, so it leads me to believe that someone somewhere needs to figure out who and what brand is causing the problem, track back down to the producer and see what they’re spraying these harmless plants with that’s making people go into these seizures and hallucinations, and another thing, it does cause some hypersensitivity to whats going on in such a sense that if you’re emotionally unstable… I advise you to chill the hell out, if you get freaked out really easy and suffer anxiety issues, don’t smoke anything that’s gonna make you get a little on the body fry side of life, giggles and tingles ain’t too bad for me but i enjoy a rus… I’ve done some research on the particular herb marked on the label, researched where it came from and found no harm in it’s origin… Why don’t you people take a step back and look a little more closely at what’s in front of you, the evidence given isn’t the truth, never is when it’s coming from public media, I mean dang… we’re all walking around brainwashed… we just don’t see those invisible prison bars in front of us. You think you know, look a little further, explore for yourself before you decide to judge. I agree on the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is more likely to kill you than driving high, although both are bad ideas, lets get real, which one really distorts reality to points of destruction? Weed don’t kill you, alcohol destroys the liver, weed don’t kill you, but snort a line a coke and be gone out your mind for a few days, witness someone snorting a couple lines and then falling over dead from their heart exploding, there’s much worse things to be complaining about and trying to stop than this little tiny issue with Spice, when they eliminate Alcohol as something legal to drink on on the weekends and they legalize the thing that isn’t gonna kill you, then start complaining about these little kids going a little nutty over some spice getting to them a little more than what they expected.

  14. Steve on November 25th, 2010 12:54 pm

    Interestingly edited little smear article. Saying nothing about the chemical one way or the other, the whole little story is mean spirited and hugely slanted. First crime of journalism: don’t skew the facts to a position that you favor. Or you have what we see here, bush league preaching disguised as news.

    The drug should be subject to the same federal safety testing that any other drug is subject to. Long term health benefits are totally unknown. In my opinion, if it’s safe it should be regulated and taxed and sold to adults if proven to be safe. But the US doesn’t work according to my opinions :(

    Rest assured the drug will become demonized (it’s pretty far along that path right now) and will never see the legal light of day 29 days from now in the US because of one reason – it gets you high. Wouldn’t matter if it killed you or cured you, the government seems determined to only legalize drugs like alcohol and tobacco, drugs that really, really will kill you in the most unpleasant ways, and keep you numbed enough not to challenge what you’re told. A drug that lets you take a step back from the contrived “reality” for a spell and possibly make some insightful changes in your life (or, let’s face it, just lets you enjoy a little recreational high) will NEVER be legal in this very strangely christian country.

    It’s a moot point though, as the manufacturers of these drugs are already reformulating blends that I am sure will give you the same effects and be technically legal. And if they ban those, well, they’ll just find or make some more.

    Look, who do you think has the better players on their teams? The recreational chemical and drug manufacturers, or the government? I think this shows that the genie is now out of the bottle. With people becoming more informed about smart or recreational drugs, and with the huge market that has been configured due to the illegality of pot, we will be seeing more chemicals on the market than the government can begin to keep up with. It’s a market that would essentially disappear once pot was regulated and legalized.

  15. high and happy. on November 25th, 2010 11:27 pm

    As a daily thc user, and enthusiast I would like to say. Marijuana is a natural herb provided by “god” or mother earth to enhance your mood and stimulate your spirituality. K2 or jwh018 is not natural and understudied. NO ONE no one NO ONE has ever died from weed. I’ve been ingesting it every day for about 10 years and I hold a job and and a house and live a normal life. :) I did try k2 on two seperate occasions. One blend from peru and the other the usa. I felt a head high and tight eyes just like some average weed. But I also had a pounding heart and a bit of a panic attack. I wouldn’t do it again. I would say stick with the au natural….lol. oh yeah and since people crash when drunk, black out and don’t remember things, and over dose please make it illegal. And LEGALIzE maryjane! The peace maker

  16. Rob Taylor on November 27th, 2010 9:40 pm

    Steve – Yes, yes pointing out that the creator of K2 thinks more testing needs to be done before people inhale it is a smear article. You caught me. I actually prefer that people inhale things chemists create in labs, but I just don’t want K2 users to have any fun.

    “high and happy” – Your daily pot smoking hasn’t had any ill effects on you and your family … which is why you spent Thanksgiving trolling blogs?

  17. LDude on December 3rd, 2010 11:22 am

    “C)The creator is the one saying you shouldn’t smoke it. That would be an “against” for it’s use.”
    GEN 1:12

  18. LDude on December 3rd, 2010 11:31 am

    Our government believes that Cannabis is a dangerous drug,that is why it is a schedule 1 drug.In fact they believe it is so dangerous that they are willing to bust into your house shoot your dogs if need be, trash your house,arrest you ,give you a criminal record, break apart your family because you should not be using such a dangerous drug, it’s for your own good you know. The government has no say in any transaction between me and a plant.

  19. LDude on December 3rd, 2010 11:46 am

    Look it up folks,Huffmans research was funded by NIDA,,,one more service provided by YOUR tax dollars.

  20. utk on December 31st, 2010 1:56 pm

    No one would even know this guys name if he didn’t create these strange cannabanoids. I think the government funded this research to find cannabanoid medication without having to admit they are wrong or displease their conspirators/investors by legalizing pot. This guy is just salty that his chems got leaked, people didn’t even know what was in spice gold for a while. He also has to please the shady people who gave him grant money in the first place. These two factors nullify anything he has said to the public.

    I have a homework assignment for you people arguing about man made vs nature… a fucking book besides the bible. This is not to say that JWH is safe without a doubt, but pharmacology plays a bigger role than the source. JWH is a full agonist of CB1 while THC is only partial. JWH is like hard liquor of the cannabanoids. Higher potency…less smoke inhaled…less lung damage. JWH doesn’t cause the bronchiole dialation that THC doesnt so you dont cough and irritate your airway further. Atleast with JWH you get a more consistant effect than street pot.

    If people overdose…good hopefully they learned an important lesson in life. I have smoked this stuff on LSD more than once without ill effect. Overdosing on pure JWH isn’t fun but it only lasts for an hour. The best thing you can do is drink some water then lay on your back and turn on some good tunes. If you go to the hospital all they are going to do is monitor your vitals, give you some benzos, and let you go. You should only go to the hospital if the agitation and tachycardia last longer than an hour…or if you have pre existing heart conditions. I have had panic attacks with weed where I thought I was having a heart attack and guess what? It feels really similar to a pot overdose. What is a pot overdose? Tachycardia, hypotension when standing, racing thoughts, paranoia, confusion, blurry vision, sometimes vertigo followed by emesis.

  21. Rob Taylor on December 31st, 2010 4:27 pm

    I’m a pagan so I don’t spend time reading the Bible. Here’s a homework assignment for you – read something besides conspiracy websites and NORML forums. You do know the overdose symptoms you described are dangerous don’t you?

  22. m.e.y on January 2nd, 2011 2:50 pm

    after being arrested for poss. of maryjane i was placed on strict probation.I have been smoking spice since september and have had no problems physically,mentally or legally.I have not failed any drug tests,even though i smoke a joint of spice before i drop.I love this product and wish it was not taken off the shelves cause now i have to make it myself which saves me money but takes away the choices in strength,flavor,and fun.I cant wait for the next legal weed to hit the shelves cause i will be their waiting to smoke it up.and yes when im done with probation i plan on continuing to smoke pot no matter what the man says.

  23. Rob Taylor on January 2nd, 2011 3:29 pm

    If you’re on probation why can’t you just stay sober? You risked your freedom to get high and you’re not even a real addict? Retard.

  24. LeprechaunLove on April 16th, 2011 1:10 am

    Rob, Dude.. Your a fucking dick not gona lie, but I laughed at almost everything you said… Look man, Ive done all the research one could possibly do without breaking down the substances, and all I gotta say is, If I cant get and weed for my pain, then Im going to go with the fake shit. You can say whatever douchey thing you want back to me… but all its gona do is either make me laugh my ass off or piss me off… make your choice… In the mean time, why dont you get ur head outa your ass grow the fuck up and learn to respect others opinions…

  25. Rob Taylor on April 16th, 2011 2:47 am

    I assume the pain you’re talking about is the agony of stupidity. How is advocating sobriety and warning people not to smoke a substance that literally causes your blood pressure to shoot up to dangerous levels immature? Why should I respect opinions that are wrong? Do you respect the opinions of crack addicts or coke whores?

    You do know that they isolated the chemical in marijuana that helps with pain and it is available in legal form don’t you? Oh, but then you can’t sit in your mom’s basement not working. I defy you to prove you aren’t a dreg whose parents support you.

  26. saa_annu on June 19th, 2011 5:23 pm

    Rob your an idiot been using this chem for a couple years with no ill effects have started a company out of it. have seen people “overdose” and unless theyre retarted theyre fine they have to realise that this stuff is ALOT more potent then most street grade pot. wierd how you’re the only one really bitchng about this you mustb spend your life being a royal bitch to just everyone you know or come across. why dont you get off your high horse sit back and smoke a joint

  27. Rob Taylor on June 19th, 2011 6:31 pm

    So you deal a substance you admit harms “retarded” people and have no qualms making money off that. Fine. That means you’re a scumbag. Like people who sell their oxys to teens.

    I can’t wait until some gang shakes you down.

  28. Bo on September 7th, 2011 1:27 pm

    Done alot of research on just one chemical. In a nut shell if you would take moth balls(napatheheme) and indole ring(maoi- cymbal etc. Basically any serenortin reuptake inhibitor) and a Pentyl would get chemical jwh-018. Basically a non narcotic benzo that you smoke in high doses that cause nocturnal sleep and your 02car says to drop Intp the low 80s

  29. Stickles on November 10th, 2011 2:37 am

    This shit is dangerous. I partake in the green stuff and have never had a problem with it. I tried this stuff more than a few times and thought it wasnt dangerous because it was legal. Man was I wrong!!! I had a panic attack from it and it scared the shit right out of me. Then I found out from many others that it had happend to them too. I know idiots rolling this shit up in joints with ganja and what does it do? It hits both receptors and causes problems. Keep toking up on it if you think it wont cause a problem, but beware on something that the creator says not to smoke. It does say “Not For Human Consumption” why don’t you all use your brains, dont smoke it. Stick with the natural if your going to do that. And Rob, I agree that its dangerous to smoke this, But I partake in the ganja and I dont pressure it on anyone. Don’t judge us pot smokers. I dont support chemically enhanced stuff though like this JWH sprayed incense though. Its dangerous. Never heard of someone dying from ganja.

  30. labppiepig on June 2nd, 2013 5:49 am

    i realize i am REALLY late on this but i figured i would chime in anyways lol :) this stuff is bad for you. I smoked it and it gave me some very very serious perminate life ruining and shortening health problem’s also it can give you chemical burns on your lung’s which obviously result’s in a lung transplant. also I mean cmon people saying just cause you smoked it and never had ill effect’s means it is okay. not everyone who smokes cigarette’s get’s cancer but that does not mean they are good for you. some of the effect’s it has on your body(such as mine)are PERMANENT!! they will RUIN YOUR LIFE!!! you cannot assume russian rullet is safe just because you had 2 friend’s who played it and survived. it has been years since i smoked it but i find myself looking it up just because my health problems will always remind me of it. life can become unbearable. Also i noticed that alot of you people were saying “well alcohol is legal and it kills people” well then do some research or just dont talk about things you know nothing about because they did make alcohol illegal at one point in time but it backfired and caused more damamge than it did when it was legal so they allowed it back. also some of you said it is wrong to say the people selling it to kid’s are in the wrong but i’ll tell you something i know alot of people who would get mad at a drug dealer for selling theyre kids meth no matter how sweet they were exc. this stuff is bad and evil. there are no studies that show long term effects yes you are right about that, but there are very true event’s that DO show adverse effects. anyone who is still smoking it should stop before you cant do ANYTHING. People are not making up some horror stories about it to scare they are true. it has life long effects on people. some of you are basically that since it does not happen to 100% of people means it is okay. this is ridiculous. i dont even know if you can still get the stuff but i hope to God you cannot. i am not trying to be rude i am just telling the truth hoping someone will listen if it is still around and stop. hoping i could save a life from being ruined.

  31. labppiepig on June 2nd, 2013 5:55 am

    and one more thing. you have to smoke something for lots and lots of years before the adverse effects hit you. same with this stuff to everyone that is saying they have been smoking it for a a couple years and been okay.

  32. Doodle on January 11th, 2014 9:07 am

    I have been smoking these blends since 2010 4 years now. I have smoked well over 100 pre-made blends. I have experienced withdrawl symptoms both mental and physical. The physical is a breeze. Hot flashes, nausea, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite are a few of the symptoms. The mental is a whole different ball game. It is intense. Intense cravings!!!! When I do not have none it is all I can think about. I have stolen to get it. Pawned everything I and my girlfriend own. As much as I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit it I have picked through dirt that I have swept up off of my bedroom floor to try and find a couple of flakes just to get one hit. That’s how bad and addicting it can be.

    As far as medical concerns I have had none. I did have one bad trip but I credit that too mixing several different types of pre-packaged blends together. Sometimes I do cough shit up but I have also been a heavy drug user and a heavy smoker for 15 years.

    I am going to conclude with this. It is now 2014 and there is ALOT more information about these compounds. I have a hard time believing that these Research chemicals are solely responsible for long term health issues and death. How can they pin these problems solely and completely on spice? They do not even know what chemicals have been ingested so how they can pinpoint it to these chemicals. I by no means am a scientist but I highly doubt all these . Problems I read about health issues are do to these. Why is everyone so quick to diagnose their problems due to research chemicals. What about every other drug you have put in your body over the years? Everyone always says “None of these problems ever happened until I started smoking spice” I call B.S.
    Just keep this is mind.

    No bad side effects from prior drug use shows up until years and years of abuse so some of these conditions could be from prior drug abuse.

    No one has caught cancer from smoking only one Marlboro

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