Clemson University Police Charge Joshuoa Quenton Black in Home Invasion Robbery

From The Easley Progress:

CLEMSON — Clemson University police charged a man with armed robbery and first-degree burglary in connection with an incident early Tuesday at Lightsey Bridge apartments.

Joshuoa Quenton Black, 21, of Clemson was arrested Wednesday during a joint investigation by university police and the City of Clemson Police Department. He was being held at the Clemson city jail pending a bond hearing. Black is not a Clemson student.

Two Clemson students told police they were robbed in their apartment at 12:45 a.m. Tuesday by two men. They said one of the men had a handgun.

The robbers took a small safe, a television, an iPhone and credit and debit cards, police said.

Lightsey Bridge apartments are student residences located on the Clemson campus.

Police do not believe the robbery was a random act and are continuing to investigate and look for the second suspect.

“Not a random act”  as in drug deal gone south no doubt. I remember about a decade ago NYU students were being warned not to let “friends” from the area into their dorms after a rape and several robberies. These “friends” were local dealers delivering weed and other drugs, and taking advantage of the naive and unprepared kids who think letting some hood from the street into their building is a great idea.

Tell your kids about stories like this before they go to college.


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  1. Me on March 6th, 2014 2:23 am

    I was never convicted of these charges, they were dropped, it’s sad how your arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, then they get to say oops my bad, it’s still on my arrest record, and things of this nature are still on the internet damaging my name

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