Commenter “Winter Santiaga” Is The Reason The Upstate Family Reunion is A Really Bad Idea

If the name Winter Santiaga sounds familiar to you it’s because you no doubt are aware that it is the name of the main character in an “urban fiction” book called The Coldest Winter Ever by known racist and Communist Sister Souljah. For those of you that don’t know, “Urban fiction” is the publishing industry’s attempt to market sub-par writing to Black Americans, who they think don’t read the same kinds of books as everyone else. Thus “urban fiction” publishers find people to write stories in pidgin English (or the mythical Ebonics) that glorify self-segregation and ghettoization (as well as misogyny, bigotry and criminality) then make a hefty profit convincing people the genre is written and produced by “the community” when in fact White liberals are pushing this intellectual apartheid onto Black youth.

So it came as no surprise to me that someone using this pseudonym on my recent post about the Upstate Family Reunion left a comment that seems like it came from a caricature of a Black person, and not a real one:

Winter Santiaga on July 26th, 2010 2:04 am

personally i think it is a good idea to keep the family reunion goin there are plenty of other events that take place each year and nobody complains about it so why should the family reunion be cancelled. is it because of how many african american or black people i may say are in one gathering. im sensing that is the problem. not taxes or anything else, any local events there will be crowds and i think i speak for alot people….why be concerned about the trash if your not the one who has to clean it up…im just saying!!

Really? Let me start of by saying I didn’t alter this “sentence” at all but left it in it’s ungrammatical glory, random ellipses and all. I was confused as to how a person could be a African-American or a Black person but then I realized the Blacks this person speaks of may not be American. But why are Black Americans called African-Americans while Haitians, for example, are still called Blacks? Racism I suppose.

The main point here though is that “Winter Santiaga” suggests that no one should care about all the trash strewn everywhere because they don’t have to pick it up. I suppose a trash fairy comes around to clean up after Winter but the rest of us end up paying overtime to workers to do this, and with city budgets tight I don’t see how Simpsonville can justify the expense, which was my point in the original post.

Since the race card was thrown down let me just say this: I’m Biracial, I grew up in an all-Black family and we were taught to clean up after ourselves. It’s low class to do otherwise.

Now here’s the rub. Let’s say that only 1 percent of Upstate Family Reunion attendees share the view of “Winter Santiago” that you you can drop trash where you will and not worry about it. last year there were 35,000 people, so Simpsonville would be looking at 350 people who were throwing trash on the ground all weekend. But having seen the park the day after last year I know it isn’t 1 percent.

“Winter Santiago’s” comment is one of the best cases I’ve seen for canceling the event. Hopefully next year Simpsonville will come to their senses and say no to the Upstate Family Reunion.


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