Cop Killing Aryan Brotherhood Member Finally Stopped from Facebooking

Remember that South Carolina inmate doing 30 years for killing a cop who was posting pictures on Facebook? Authorities have finally taken his phone from him.

CHARLESTON, S.C. — South Carolina prison officials said they have seized a cell phone from an inmate who was updating his Facebook page from prison.

Corrections officials told The Post and Courier of Charleston that 22-year-old Quincy Howard is in disciplinary detention and cannot make collect calls or have visitors after the contraband mobile phone was taken from his cell earlier this month.

Howard is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter from Marion County.

The newspaper reports Howard spent most of his time on Facebook last year playing the Mafia Wars and Cafe World games. But he occasionally gave status updates like: “Railroaded by this crooked a judicial system in South Carolina.”

Howard’s profile picture was a photo of him in his prison jumpsuit.

Only what? Three or four months after the story broke? Good work, guys.


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