Copper Thief Caught in Old Braves Stadium

Weepy thief Robert Peters

Early Wednesday morning a police officer noticed a suspicious truck in the parking lot of the old Greenville Braves stadium and upon investigating found scrap copper bits scattered throughout the scene. Calling in a police dog (named Nero I hear) police found Robert Peters hiding nearby with tools people use to steal copper.

Precious metal prices are still spiking on hyper-inflationary fears, strong demand and a rush by investors into metals. Kitco’s six month copper price chart should help you visualize why copper thefts are so appealing:

6 moth trned

Copper is also everywhere and especially easy to steal when there are as many abandoned and empty structures as the Greenville County area has. Everything from houses waiting for buyers to old stadiums are full of copper, and we have no shortage of scrap dealers willing to pay out money and not ask questions.

I’ve said before that we’ll see more of this and we will. Peters bond is set at $1000 which should tell you how much little time he’ll eventually face for this crime which makes it all the more appealing to would be thieves. If you’ve got an empty property sitting somewhere you might as well pull the pipes and wiring out of it to get the money yourself.


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