Copper Thieves Cause Cell Tower Power Outage in Travelers Rest

As the dollar loses value (right now the U.S. dollar is worth less than the Canadian dollar) the money that can be made with precious metals, commodities and other hard assets will increase making thieves bolder as the rewards for their hauls start to outweigh risks. Copper is especially easy to steal because it’s everywhere and there is a good, no questions asked market for it at scrap yards and other buyers. This does more than cost taxpayers dollars as this recent theft demonstrates:

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. – Last Wednesday, approximately $11,000 worth of copper was stolen from a cell tower site in Travelers Rest.

According to officials with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, the tower, located at 572 N. Highway 25, unexpectedly lost power around 1 a.m. When the owner had the tower checked, it was discovered that the copper ground leads throughout the site had been cut. Copper was also stolen from an HVAC unit.

If these thieves get away with it expect more thefts – and outages – in the near future.


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