Couple of Teen Idiots Get Caught on Camera Vandalizing “Art” That Tasteless Idiots Commisioned

Art is dead. Nowhere is that more apparent than the Greenville “art scene” which is predominately populated by House Frau’s who convince people their Martha Stewart inspired craft projects are art and rounded out by “professional” artists whose sculptures, paintings and poetry are so derivative and unimpaired they seem less like art and more like advertisements for the NYC art scene … circa 1992.

That fact is no excuse for vandalism, or stupidity for that matter. Two young art critics let their feelings about Greenville’s infamous “string sculpture” be known by taking a knife to it. What I suppose they didn’t know was that they were on camera at the time:

What we’re seeing is a guy trying to impress a girl by vandalizing this “sculpture” who is herself trying to impress him by dressing like a hooker from Miami Vice. He’s going to pay a hefty fine to impress a girl he could have had sex with regardless. Sad.

But not quite as sad a string sculpture.


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