“Coyote” Safe House Found in Greenville?

S.W.A.T. teams were called out to a house in Greenville County after a hostage situation was called into police. After a stand off ALL seven people found in the house were detained and police will not release their names or anything but the most basic information.

SLED officers told WSPA that the bust was related to the “growing drug trade’ in the area:

A hostage situation unfolded as SLED agents rushed to the scene.

In the end–more than half a dozen people were taken into custody–in what agents say is part of a growing drug trade in the Upstate.

This all unfolded on Sulfar Springs drive in Berea this afternoon.

News Channel 7 was the only news crew at the scene.

Agents handcuffed 7 people, taking them into custody.

The director of SLED tells us they got word this morning that three people were being held hostage inside the home.

SLED isn’t able to say how they were alerted to the hostage situation.

When swat team members and agents got there–a standoff ensued until the suspects inside surrendered.

Agents are still trying to determine who is who amongst those in the house. And they can’t yet give identities or where the suspects are from.

Significantly, while weapons were found at the house no drugs have been reported. Human smugglers are often also involved in drug smuggling so these thugs may have gotten on to LE radar during drug investigations. It is a common practice for “coyotes” to hold people who contracted with them to hostage for extra cash. It is especially likely when the illegals are young women, who the smuggling gangs force into prostitution.

WSPA has raw video of the arrests.The house was on Sulfar Spring Drive in Berea.

Word on the street is that a bad apple looking for drugs or hookers turned Good Samaritan when he or she saw what was going on.

Also a rumor Dr. Know sent me is that MS-13 has been smuggling illegals into South Carolina for years and have moved into Greenville County. I found a 2006 story from WIS10 which details Richland county’s problems with the gang and they are very active in North Carolina.

But again these are  just rumors for now. We’ll keep digging.


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