David Israel Smith Charged in 2008 Greer Home Invasion and Murder Attempt

David Isreal Smith Likes to Stab People

Home invasions are every person’s worst nightmare. In states like South Carolina where the law recognizes the Castle Doctrine it is, logically enough, less likely a criminal will target a house where people are home at the time for a burglary. But there are still some thugs so unconcerned with life, both their own and their victims, that they will break into a home knowing it is occupied expressly to victimize the homeowners. David Israel Smith is one such person:

A man from Goose Creek is under arrest after a stabbing in Greer in 2008.

Greer Police arrested 22-year old David Israel Smith, of Goose Creek, was arrested on Christmas day and charged with assault and battery with intent-to-kill and first-degree burglary. Smith is accused of breaking in to a home on Irving Street July 30, 2008, and stabbed a man multiple times to thew chest, head and hands.

The man was transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital due to his injuries. Smith is currently being held without bond at the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

Sometimes a locked door simply isn’t enough to keep you safe from the predators that roam our streets. Fox Carolina reports that the 33-year-old man was actually a guest in the home a few days before. He was apparently a friend of a friend.


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