David Scott Peterson Bombed His Own Car?

Here’s another criminal who has a plan, of a sorts. We can’t realy be sure what exactly it was he wanted to accomplish because his plan was half-baked to say the least. Remember that Honda Civic that was bombed i Central? The culprit was the guy who was driving it around. Why? I have no idea.

David Peterson was going through a divorce and thought his wife would get the car – so he blew it up?

CENTRAL — A Central man kept an explosive device on a shelf in his house since 2008 until he set it off underneath a car belonging to him and his wife Wednesday morning, said Central Police Chief Kerry Avery.

David Scott Peterson, 37, has admitted making two explosive devices in 2008 and setting one off shortly afterward with his stepson, Avery said.
Man charged in Central bombing

Peterson appeared at a bond hearing Friday afternoon and Judge Tina Galbreath set a $125,000 surety bond. She said it would require Peterson to use a bondsman, put property up for collateral or a submit a large amount of cash.

The device was placed underneath a 2007 Honda Civic on Wednesday morning, which was parked in the apartment complex where Peterson has lived for almost a year. It exploded and blew the rear bumper off the car, flattened the back tires and damaged the rear axle.

No one was injured in the explosion.


The car is registered to Tina Lee Peterson, who is married to David Peterson, but David had been driving the vehicle. The two have been going through a divorce that was on track to be made final in November, Avery said.

The chief said Peterson confessed to making and setting off the device but said much of the forensic evidence, including fingerprints, was still being processed.

Couldn’t he have just “accidentally” have had a fender bender if he wanted to mess up his wife’s car? Of course, Peterson is some sort of violent degenerate as this sentence implies:

He had a handgun in the Civic, despite a family court order to not possess a weapon, Avery said.

A family court order to not possess a weapon usually means you roughed up your old lady. So I guess we’re lucky he didn’t murder her with that bomb.

But how idiotic do you have to be to plant a bomb under your car when people know you make bombs? What was he trying to accomplish? No wonder he’s getting divorced.


4 Responses to “David Scott Peterson Bombed His Own Car?”

  1. Tina Lee Peterson on November 8th, 2010 12:31 am

    Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Does anyone even know how many people are put behind bars everyday that are innocent??? That is totally out of character for Scott, and he was coerced into admitting something he didn’t do. By the way, the car was paid for…he had nothing to gain from doing such a violent act. Law enforcement always uses tactics to get anything out of an already weak person. I have totally lost respect for all law enforcement agencies. The divorce was the friendliest you’ve ever seen. You people need to find something to occupy your with than make false assumptions about something you know nothing about.

  2. Rob Taylor on November 8th, 2010 2:18 am

    Well argued.

  3. Tina Lee Peterson on November 9th, 2010 4:24 pm

    Thanks, Rob!

  4. Friend of scotts on March 6th, 2011 4:32 pm

    I was a friend of Scotts Tina. He talked about you and your son all the time. I was wondering if you knew where he was sent and for how long?

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