Deadly Brooklyn Blaze Started in Voodoo Sex Ritual Scam

Hey, we all like a good Voodoo orgy but if you’re hiring a “practitioner” to protect you because the old lady down the street is killing chickens on your doorstep you should be aware that having sex isn’t part of the ritual – and as one woman found out it’s a pretty bad idea:

A windswept, five-alarm fire that killed an elderly Brooklyn woman was started by candles placed on the floor near a bed while a man and woman were having sex after a voodoo ritual, sources said today.

Fire marshals determined that the Feb. 20 blaze at 346 East 29th St. in Flatbush escalated to a fifth alarm because of an open door and delays, but that it was all started by black magic.

“Time and time again we respond to tragedies that could have been so easily prevented,” said FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano. “This fire had so many of those elements — candles left on the floor near combustible material, one of the occupants trying to douse the flames before calling 911 and an open door, which allowed fire to spread into the hallway. Hopefully others will learn from this tragedy.”


Fire Marshals said the blaze began around at 6:40 p.m., when a Brooklyn woman visited a fourth-floor apartment in the building, where she paid one of the male occupants $300 to perform a voodoo ceremony aimed at bringing her good luck.

After the ceremony, sources told The Post that the couple decided to have sex.

The fire was sparked after the couple knocked over the candles that were arranged on the floor around the bed, igniting the bed linens and clothes on the floor.

The Post is saying that the sex came after the ritual but since the candles were all still burning I guarantee you that the guy was using the old “sex is part of the ritual” scam.

A retiree died in the fire and at least 20 fire fighters were injured because these morons didn’t call 911 as soon as the fire broke out. I guess the protection ritual worked because the fire setters and their friends got out unscathed, but since they’re now on the hook for negligent homicide and their house burned to the ground I’m going to assume the Loa were angry by this Voodoo practitioner using them to get laid.


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