Dearl James Douglas Likes Burglary and Raping Children

Dearl James Douglas Child Rapist

Hopefully he also likes spending time in the joint and registering as a sex offender. This one’s a little outside Greenville County but it’s illustrative of the times and what kind of animals we’re dealing with these days.

This, my friends, is why you need to keep your windows and doors locked and should be prepared to take advantage of South Carolina’s Castle Doctrine.

HARTSVILLE—A man crept through a window in a Hartsville family ‘s home as they slept Friday, carried a 9-year-old girl from her bed and sexually assaulted her before trying to kidnap her from the house, Hartsville Police Chief Tim Kemp said.
Shortly after the crime was reported, police arrested Dearl James Douglas, 20, of 759 Azalea Circle in Hartsville and charged him with first-degree burglary, criminal sexual conduct with a minor and attempted kidnapping, Darlington County Detention Center bookings reports show.

It happened at 12:40 a.m. at a home on Swift Creek Road in Hartsville, when the suspect removed a screen from a back bedroom window and entered the home where a family was sleeping.

Police said the suspect walked into a 9-year-old’s bedroom and carried the sleeping girl to the room where he entered the home.

Witnesses said the girl was drifting in and out of sleep and thought it was a family member carrying her.

The suspect started to undressed the girl and that’s when she awoke, realized who it was and screamed, Kemp said.

The girl’s grandmother heard her cries and ran to investigate, he said.

The suspect escaped out the window while the grandmother called E-911.

The suspect was captured just a short distance from the family’s home.

Douglas was denied bond by a judge with some decency and common sense. Douglas’ relationship to the victim is unknown, but since he was quickly found it seems likely that he was positively identified early on. That tells me that someone knew him.

This story could have ended much worse. Had he simply taken her we would still be looking for her. Home security is your responsibility, the police are only there to mop up after a crime. Be prepared.

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