Degenerate Pins Dog with Cinder Block then Sets it on Fire

Heartbreaking. Whoever did this should be horsewhipped. Crimes like this quickly escalate as degenerates seek to gain greater thrills and move onto humans. Hopefully before that this scum will get hauled in front of a judge. Or a mob.

If you know who did this drop me a line and I’ll make sure the information gets to the right people. If you want to help the poor dog call the North Greenville Animal Hospital at 244-8281


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  1. Dog Burning Psycho Arsonist for Hire : Greenville Dragnet on December 10th, 2010 8:40 pm

    [...] is the man police arrested in the case where a dog was pinned down and set on fire. His name is Issac Henry Anderson, he’s from Greenville and and apparently he’s [...]

  2. Crystal on September 27th, 2014 3:24 pm

    I beleive people like this are all around us and most of the time we wil never know about what they are doing cause its done behind closed doors thats why we are shocked when it does happen in the open it an esculated from something they’ve been doing all along but what could have that little dog done to deserve such a crewl form of abuse my heart and prayers are with the little guy or girl i think there should be a special place for people that do things like this maybe a certen jail where they are treated the same way there is no name too decribe what this guy is hes just a decusting person and has something wrong with his brain maybe hes working up to people who knows that could have been his way of praticing sick hes just a sick individual ….

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