Deputies Investigating String of Manhole Cover Thefts

This crime has college kid prank written all over it, though to be fair it is a particularly dangerous stunt that could easily lead to injury or death. From WYFF:

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — Deputies in Greenville County are looking for thieves they said are stealing manhole covers.

Deputies have received reports of around 15 covers being stolen over the past week.

The thefts are happening overnight in subdivisions.

After the covers are stolen, people living in the neighborhoods contact the county’s sewer district, then that department contacts the sheriff’s office.

Because the covers weigh more than 100 pounds, deputies think the thieves are using a trailer or a truck to help them steal the covers.

It is illegal for scrap yards to purchase stolen manhole covers.

Since the covers are made of cast iron, if the scrap yard purchases the cover they are only worth $6 or $7.

It costs the county $200 to replace a stolen manhole cover.

Clearly there is no profit motive to this crime, so it looks like some sort of prank.


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