Did John Wayne Gacy Have Several Accomplices?

It makes sense. Pictured above is a 1976 photo of Gacy with First lady Rose Carter. Gacy was a respected political leader in local Democrat circles and the fact cops didn’t really look to deep into certain issues (like why Gacy was found with bodies of men killed when he was out of town and thus couldn’t have been the killer) has always been cause for conspiratorial speculation.

Who were his accomplices and why have they escaped justice for so long?

Nearly two decades after Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy was executed for torturing, raping and murdering 33 men and boys in the 1970s, two lawyers say they’ve unearthed evidence that indicates he didn’t act alone in some of the slayings.

Criminal defense attorneys Robert Stephenson and Steven Becker, who are partners in a Chicago law practice, said they re-examined the circumstances surrounding the disappearances of some of the victims. Their conclusion: the so-called “Killer Clown” had at least three accomplices.


Stephenson and Becker on Friday presented their findings to Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart plus a lead investigator and a former prosecutor in the decades-old case.

Dart described the meeting as “very fruitful.”

“They raised valid questions,” Dart told msnbc.com in a telephone interview. “I definitely would not dismiss what they have said. It’s not out of left field. Its’ well thought out.”

The sheriff said investigators will follow up on the information and, if it proves solid, will try to locate the potential accomplices — two of whom are believed to be still alive. The case has had so many twists and loose ends – seven Gacy victims remain unidentified, for example – that Dart is keeping an open mind.

“Have we ruled out that someone would have helped Gacy in one or more of the murders? No,” the sheriff said.

Sounds like people knew all along there were more murderers out there – but were waiting for someone else to bring it up? The whole article is interesting and goes on to point out that when Gacy was arrested he told police he had several “associates” who were involved.

Were politically connected individuals able to escape justice? The authorities are being coy about who they suspect for obvious reasons but it seems unusual that no one else was arrested in the past decades even though Gacy himself admitted to having accomplices.


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  1. mah29001 on February 26th, 2012 4:05 pm

    He’d have been the perfect poster boy for Communism and Fascism if he had it his way.

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