Dog Burning Psycho Arsonist for Hire

Dog burning psyco arsonist for hire!

This is the man police arrested in the case where a dog was pinned down and set on fire. His name is Issac Henry Anderson, he’s from Greenville and and apparently he’s claiming someone hired him to burn the dog:

GREENVILLE — Greenville police have arrested the man they believe to be responsible for pinning a dog down with a cinderblock and then setting its doghouse on fire.

Isaac Henry Anderson of Greenville is charged with animal cruelty, arson and criminal conspiracy for the severe burns on Pookie, a 14-year-old chow-collie mix.

Anderson, who is 52, lives just a few blocks away from where the dog was burned. He was arrested Wednesday.

Police believe that someone agreed to pay Anderson if he would set the dog on fire alive. They are still looking for the person who offered to pay him.

Firefighters found the dog pinned down inside his overturned doghouse in Greenville on Nov. 9, with a cinderblock strapped to his head so that he couldn’t move. Smoke was pouring from the doghouse and Pookie was so severely burned that veterinarians wondered if he would survive.

The dog did survive and is doing well. The dog is being fostered because the original owner didn’t think she’d be able to pay for the vet bills. That must have been horrible to know your pet was tortured, and the best you could do for it was give it up.

Now the question is why would someone hire a man to set a pit bull that lived with a woman on fire. Sounds to me like someone is looking to be able to get into that house or send the owner a message, if Anderson is telling the truth. Frankly I doubt it but police will have to check it out to be sure. Anderson is being charged with third degree arson, ill treatment of an animal and criminal conspiracy

After he does his time I hope someone set Anderson on fire, he deserves it.


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  1. Ajax the Great on December 11th, 2010 4:17 pm

    My God, does that man look possessed!

  2. ujnikkijamesi9 on June 16th, 2011 10:55 am

    Good website yours sincerely, Shanae Storlie

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