Double Shooting in Greer Update – After His Guns or Really Really Stupid

Article by Evan Will

Well as it turns out the sign above was posted on the front door of the owner’s house in the Greer Double Shooting. Now personally, I’m not a fan of advertising gun ownership to the outside world. Maybe it’s my mom that always told me, “Don’t tell your friends or anyone about dad’s gun closet, people will want to come and steal them.” And she’s right. You can’t really trust anybody – especially criminals. And this is notice to all you hot shot hunters out there with that nifty Browning sticker on the back windshield of your truck. It advertises to bad guys you have guns – come break into my truck or home.

Ok…you’ll be ready but there’s something about being discreet to me that gives you an advantage. Always. As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War – let your enemy think you are weak, as for him to let his guard down and feel confident in his attack, then
strike with surprise force and vanquish him. Or something to that degree. You get the idea.

I’m not blaming the older man that died – I blame the criminal. But Tamika came armed…expecting a fight. Were they after this guy for his guns? Or just a little money. I think they were after his guns. Or really really stupid to knock on this man’s door and pull a gun on him. I only wish he had saved himself. He damn well got her. Out of my cold dead hands, indeed.

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