Easley Couple Charged with Identity Theft

Jerry Edward Milliken, 25, of Greenville, and Melinda Sue Cuddy, 35, of Easley, have been charged with several counts of wire fraud and identity theft. Jerry also is being charged with destroying a “mail receptacle” which leads me to believe that the undynamic duo were breaking into people’s mail to steal their identity. With the charges involved it looks like the two were intercepting credit card offers and checks.

Just a rumor, but Melinda Sue Cuddy is something of a known small timer. There’s a comment on WYFF’s report by someone who claims to know the woman:

I have known Melinda since she was a little kid. She was hateful, mean-spirited brat. As an adult, she has constantly been busted for a variety of crimes, given a slap on the wrist, then released right back out on society to wreak more havoc on her friends, family, and neighbors. Her crimes have slowly escalated over the past 10 years…..wonder when something will ever finally be done about her? ~smh & sighs~

Jun. 9, 2010 7:27am EDT | from KimberlyAnn

A couple of years ago a Melinda Sue Cuddy of Easley, who I assume is this same woman, was arrested for drug charges and 48 counts of  financial identity theft:

An Easley woman has been arrested on drug charges and 48 counts of financial identity fraud.

Melinda Sue Cuddy, 32, of 107 Lockwood Ave. was arrested on Jan. 24 by Pickens County Sheriff�s Office deputies.

The arrest was the result of a search warrant issued for her residence where multiple pieces of U.S. mail and personal checks were located, according to authorities. These items were identified as stolen from postal mailboxes. Postal Inspectors were actively investigating these thefts, according to authorities.

Since that bust was in 2007 and trials take awhile we can safely assume she didn’t get much time. Now they’re facing 20 years but I’m not holding out much hope.


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  1. A Concerned Citizen on September 12th, 2014 11:03 pm

    I feel for this lady, Melinda Cuddy, all of this talk for false accusations, but not one statement when all charges are dropped. Someone should tell her that there is such a thing as “slander.” Pickens County has harassed her long enough!!!! Hang in there Melinda!!

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