El Nino Bakery Robbed on New Year’s Eve

The El Nino bakery at 1127 Cedar Lane Road in Greenville was robbed Thursday evening just after 6 p.m., GreenvilleOnline.com reports.

At least, we’re assuming it was in Greenville. What E. Richard Walton actually reported is that a bakery in “Grenville” was robbed, but perhaps the spell checkers at the Gannett offices succumbed to the little known Y2K10 bug.

Walton would also like you to know that the suspect (of indeterminate height, weight, and race, natch) was wearing a black jacket with white on the sleeves and carrying a weapon of some unspecified type.  That ought to narrow down the field of suspects.

Exclusive Greenville Dragnet prediction for 2010: The Greenville Snooze will continue to provide plenty of fodder for our “Rotten Reporting” category.


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