Enoree Neighborhood Stalked by Masked Prowlers

Who seem intent on nothing more than causing fear. This isn’t a local story but if this is truly a random crime you never know when this person or persons will decide to take their show on the road. It seems like a vendetta of some kind, and the fact the people tried to steal a dog means they are trying to take things farther than the average feuding neighbor or jealous ex is willing to. Hopefully cops will wrap this up quickly.

This is also why you should be armed, not just with guns but various implements. I keep guns, but I also have “non-lethal” weapons for situations where someone is trespassing but aren’t armed. I really like the Cold Steel Sjambok for puttering in the garden and such. It can inflict some gruesome wounds but stops short of killing. I also just purchased a Cold Steel Scimitar Spike neck knife which I’ve been wearing around and it’s quite comfortable. It’s also easy to bring into action and when you enter a building like the DMV where no concealed weapons are allowed you don’t have to fret while your $400-800 pistol is sitting in the glove box surrounded by people with Xanax addictions.

But if this was happening to me I’d be carrying a gun:


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  1. Tip Jones on March 5th, 2012 10:36 am

    Hire a team of serious ex-military dudes. Stake out your property and catch these people.

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