Falls Park Shooting – Mass Hysteria

Per WYFF, there was a shooting last weekend at Falls Park as a fight was about to break out. As “hundreds” of roving, unsupervised youths packed the downtown area, I’m sure this feels like a regularly “safe” area. I hate to be a spoil sport but why are all these under age kids allowed to wander the downtown area? Don’t parents know that’s not a good idea. What happened to playing wiffle ball and shooting some hoops in the neighborhood? Having a few friends over, watching movies and sneaking in the Jolt Cola and snickers. Or maybe even, when you’re 17 or 18, sneaking a beer or two on a late night walk. What’s so big about being downtown with a ka-jillion other wandering kids without any money or nowhere to spend it? Mom. Dad. Don’t drop off your kids in Greenville. Or send them on the bus. It’s not the GPD’s job to babysit your kids.

And oh by the way if you’re carrying and have to leave you piece in your car and don’t have a lockable glove box, get a Gun Vault Nano 100, 200 or 300. It comes with a cable lock. Best $30 to $50 you’ll ever spend.

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