Finally a Little Common Sense for Unemployment Insurance

In South Carolina unemployment payments make up a too large part of our budget. Reigning in those costs should be a priority for legislators and doing it using an existing structure like E-Verify makes good financial sense. We cannot afford to pay illegal aliens unemployment after they took jobs from South Carolinians, which is one of the reasons for our high unemployment rate anyway.

This is a good idea:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Lawmakers are considering a bill requiring South Carolina’s unemployment agency to verify if laid off workers are in the country legally.

The measure is up for debate Tuesday in a House labor subcommittee. State law already bars illegal workers from drawing unemployment checks. A spokeswoman for the Department of Employment and Workforce says the agency has no information on that being a problem.

The bill would require the agency to screen applicants using the federal program known as E-Verify.

The state already requires businesses to check their employees’ status either with E-verify or by hiring only workers with a valid driver’s license.

Freshman Republican Rep. Tom Corbin of Travelers Rest says the driver’s license provision allows a loophole.

Of course it does because illegal aliens use phony identification, often crafted by stolen identity rings. Cracking down on people collecting benefits that they are not eligible for is a good step toward fiscal sanity.


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  1. John Benton on February 8th, 2011 10:21 pm

    I also think we should pass legislation for all people on ANY type of government assistance to be required to take drug test’s!!!! If we have to take one to work then….

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