For All You “Ladies” Who Think I’m Too Hard on Sex Offenders…

Skanky Sex Offender Groupie

I have gotten a few emails via the contact form from people (who for the most part claim to be women) claiming I’m being too rough on rapists, child rapists, flashers, public masturbaters and all the other assorted sexual deviants that make up the wild and woolly world of sex offenders. I am not interested in what the “ladies” (guttersluts) who carry water for people who’ve sodomized infants thin. Nor do I have any patience for some obese skank who wants to tell me that said infant sodomizer is a “good man” with a “kind heart” who just “made a mistake” that he deserves forgiveness for.

The most recent letter I got was from a woman who has contacted me before. A tedious woman, she has been beating the decomposing horse of an argument that logic had taken out and shot years ago, namely that I should be covering only “local” crime news and thus caring about online activity designed to support the abuse of children isn’t my business. These letters came in reaction to a piece I wrote about a pro-child rape group called SOSEN whose chief operating officer (who goes by the name “Randy English”) recently claimed that sex offender lists were racism … because Jessica Lundsford was White and people who hate child molesters are xenophobes. It was an asinine point and because SOSEN is a national organization whose activities are of concern to any parent I blogged about it.

“Susie Mae” was not happy and wrote me about it. I was, as usual, cordial and charming and sought to brush her off without acrimony. Which I thought worked until a few minutes ago when I received this email in all caps and three times the normal font size. I guess she was really mad:

It just seems you are gunning for sex offenders as a group. The sex registry is huge. It is full of all kinds of people, many of whom hardly did a thing. Urinated in public, teenagers having sex, etc…. I don’t know anything about this Randy but it just seems your site should be to report local crime.

I’m tired of these canards and I don’t want to hear them. In the future, before you decide to “school me” about how unfair it is that your man is locked up for “a misunderstanding” in which he was caught with pictures of children being raped, please read my response to Susie Mae. While the details may change, I assure you that the spirit of my answer to you will be the same:

Name three people on the registry for urinating in public. Name three teens on the registry for having sex. You’re either a retard who believes the most asinine of lies or (more likely) you’re one of the guttersluts that groupie around for sex offenders, no doubt giving them easy access to your children.

You want to know who’s in Sosen darlin’? Here’s a quick list:

Shirley Lowery- The CEO of Sosen. She maintains that 9-year-old Jessica Lundsford had a “consensual relationship” with John Coey and that her vicious murder was an “assisted suicide”

Clay Keys – A Level 3 sex offender who once threatened to kill me. At the same time he lurked on social networks pretending to be a little girl and cyber stalked several activists.

Linda Pehrson – who is still married to the man who molested her daughter, and now claims the crime is no big deal. She’s also a con artist who uses assumed identities to give interviews and drum up support for her groups.

Jackie Sparling – Her husband was caught with another man trying to lure a 13-year-old to his home to become his sex slave, which included a plan to have her squeeze out children he would also abuse. Despite the fact that it would be impossible for a wife to not know he was planning this she was never charged and continues to work to promote the idea that crimes like his never happen.

The list goes on. Most are themselves people who have raped children and are now involved in a group that works to keep them from reforming. You don’t care because like the scum above you’re all tickled inside by the thought of bedding down one of these miscreants, but decent people do care.

How about this; Stop contacting me. If all you have to say is sex offenders are awesome and we should feel sorry for them you’re not going to find a sympathetic ear here. Why don’t we end this charade and you stop contacting me and I promise that if I ever meet a person who’s sodomized a child and needs a lap dance I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading,

Rob Taylor

One of the reasons I include so many women in my list above is to point out to you child rape groupies that I know what kind of person you are. There is no comparison to how sex offenders are treated and how Blacks were treated during Jim Crow, or how Jews were treated in Europe or whatever other kind of offensive nonsense you’re vomiting out between letting these perverts gag you while holding onto the pig tails they make you put in your hair.

I’m not interested. There is no debate as to whether people who rape children are evil. There is no possibility that a person who pleasures themselves to images of children being abused is being misunderstood. There is a right and a wrong here.

People who sexually exploit and abuse children have recidivism rates near 50% when they’re being watched. Registries are important tools for daycare centers, teen programs, single parents and any other person who has children to use to ensure they’re making the right choices for their kids. Violent felons aren’t allowed to own guns, they are on a registry. People with a history of DUI aren’t allowed to drive, they are on a registry. And people who abuse and exploit others for their own selfish sexual gratification aren’t allowed to become teachers or camp counselors.

They’re on a registry where they belong.

I don’t care how awesome you think your boyfriend or husband is. If he’s raped someone or molested someone he will not get sympathy from me, because I have morals. I save my sympathy for the victims, not the victimizers.

So before you bother to contact me, remember that I only care about the victims. Whatever sob story you’re peddling won’t change that.


4 Responses to “For All You “Ladies” Who Think I’m Too Hard on Sex Offenders…”

  1. Stitches77 on June 22nd, 2010 9:53 am

    Funny how they always try to tell people what their sites “should” be about.

    I think “Susie Mae’s” site “should” be about helping offenders to not recidivate rather than being about trying to help their pet pedophiles hide the fact that they are convicted child molesters before they hook up with some unsuspecting single mother.

    But like the convicted child molester Derek Logue once said “shoulda coulda woulda”

    By the way, these women all belong to the S.W.E.A.
    which stands for Skanky Wives Enabling Association.

  2. DodiaFae on June 22nd, 2010 10:07 am

    Want the scoop on crime in Greenville, South Carolina and beyond? You’re in the right place. Think there’s a Greenville crime story we should tackle? Send us a tip.”

    Hmmm… I think that some people should maybe pay a little more attention to what your site is about before making huge asses of themselves.

    BTW, love the photo you used for this one… I swear it must’ve been what Berkeley Breathed used as a model whenever he needed to draw a “hooker” for “Bloom County”.

  3. Rob Taylor on June 22nd, 2010 3:04 pm

    Stitches – Susiemae doesn’t have time to run her own site between writing love letters to criminals and “helping” sex offenders (into her bed) so “she” likes to tell me how I should run mine.

    Dodia – Notice that the woman in the photo is also picking her nose. I think she’s the perfect representation of SusieMae’s soul.

  4. DodiaFae on June 24th, 2010 3:06 pm

    Oh, I thought she was wiping a coke-induced nosebleed with a tissue. Either way…

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