Fountain Inn Police Find Largest Pot Grow House Ever Recorded in Laurens County!

Shelly Martinez Livid Over Pot Bust

Pot activist/fetish model/example of how pot kills careers Shelly Martinez couldn’t be reached for comment on what’s being called the largest “grow house” ever found in Laurens County. We can assume her comment would be something like “pot cures cancer and makes you a better driver!” while rambling about how aspirin is unnatural.

From WSPA:

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. — The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office found what they say is one of the largest marijuana “grow houses” every found by their agency.

Deputies and Drug Enforcement Agency agents searched a home on Andrews Road in Fountain Inn on October 20.

LCSO investigators say they found approximately 125 pounds of high grade marijuana according to a posting on the office’s Facebook page.

The estimated sale value of the drug was $480,000.

There are pictures at the link so that stoners can cry over all the “primo bud” that is on it’s way to an incinerator. No arrests have been made or charges filed which makes me think that someone set up shop in an empty house, which is something we’re going to be seeing more and more of as the housing market continues to slide. With foreclosure sales being held up and banks dropping like flies the market is going to be flooded with houses with no one in them, the perfect situation for growers.


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  1. DSK on January 28th, 2011 10:32 pm

    how did my image end up here? I dont see name credit and i never got any notification?

  2. Rob Taylor on January 29th, 2011 12:31 pm

    Were you credited and notified in the hundreds of forum posts it floats around?

    But my process is a simple three stepper.

    A)I googled pot smoking skank or some similar term.

    B)I switched to image search.

    C)I found another blog which was using the image and lifted it from them.

    I would have been glad to credit the photographer which may or may not be you, i don’t know but I found it uncredited. My assumption was that it was from a high times layout or something.

    But if you wanted it taken down why not contact me privately? I’m always happy to remove things if someone makes a reasonable request. But since we’ll be arguing in the comments I’ll leave this up and point out that your picture is everywhere and if you wanted it to not be pinched by every pot smoker on the web you wouldn’t have put Shelly Martinez in pot shaped pasties.

  3. bang on October 7th, 2013 1:05 am

    dude fuck the op, sounds like a bitch

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