From The Internet is Making You Stupid Files: I’m Not “Rob Alloy”

The Internet is making people stupid and if you don’t believe me Google “fire doesn’t melt steel” and you’ll still see 9/11 “truthers” claiming that steel girders can’t be melted by fire – even though fire is used to melt the steel to form it into girders in the first place.But as long as some idiot on the web posts it there are hundreds of people who will believe anything.

The web also makes people intellectually lazy. Here’s an example. I’ve been a guest on my wife’s FTR radio show That’s What She Said three times, usually to fill in when a guest bails at the last minute. The show is pre-recorded. When it’s playing people chat with each other on the FTR site. One fan is some guy who goes by the name Rob Alloy or something who is apparently considered a creepy douche. My wife was just asked if Rob Alloy was her husband.

Because everyone named Rob is the same person.

I have blogged and freelanced for six or seven years now and have always used my real name, always. In fact in one of the interviews I actually mention that.

But there was a Rob in the chatroom so it must be me. I guess if Latino named Jesus showed up in the chat there’d be people mightily impressed that the son of God was a fan.

Small deal I know, but it’s just irksome to see how many people are having their brains sucked out by the web. Here’s my three appearances if you want to bask in real genius.


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