Genius: Greenville Police Announce Weekend Patrol Cutbacks … To The Media

Who then tell the mobs of people who were the problem. I understand that given the financial situation of the greater Greenville area the idea of a 20 man weekend patrol dedicated just to making sure kids weren’t raising hell downtown could never be a permanent solution. Unlike the Greenville P.D., the local media and Democrats in general I also understand that there’s no benefit in telling the enemy when you’ll be pulling out. Now that police have announced this cutback, how long will it be before the “youth” (some of whom were in their 20s so they were not kids) start brawling in the streets again?

I say three weeks:

After several calm weeks downntown, Greenville Police will be cutting back on the number of officers enforcing the city’s curfew, starting this weekend.
The department will reduce the number by half, from 20 to “about 8 or 9″, according to spokesman, Sgt. Jason Rampey.

Rampey says that the message has gotten out, and fewer teens have ventured downtown on weekends in recent weeks.
He also thinks the beginning of the school year has affected the numbers.

City leaders enacted the curfew last summer, after mobs of several hundred teens were caught on camera causing problems.

Don’t want to be a naysayer but if you have young people who run the streets at night brawling and stealing if there aren’t cops around in a state with an atrocious drop out rate I’m going to go ahead and say there’s enough of a crossover between the two groups to make the whole “school’s in so we’re safe” theory bogus. I’m betting that many of the victims of attacks are gone, but that just means the muggers will have to come after adults instead of teens who can be lured into the park with the promise of K2.

Good work guys. Maybe I should issue a press release to tell you when my house is empty for your next slow news day.


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