Good News! Cops Allowed to Shoot People Trying to Murder You Thanks to David Scott Hampton

Apparently there was some concern that a police officer shooting a person threatening to cut your head off wasn’t kosher. But after careful consideration the powers that be have decided that if it looks like someone is about to kill you they can legally be shot. Hard decision I know as there are so many sides to that sort of thing. Watch as WSPA frets over police saving a woman’s life:

Maybe scumbags are just looking to get shot?

WSPA reports that the knife wielding maniac in question was 56-year old David Scott Hampton who had kidnapped a woman at knife point then threatened to stab her in front of cops when he was cornered. Hampton was a career criminal since 2003 with arrests for drug possession, malicious injury to property, weapons offenses and receiving stolen goods.

That’s not stopping some of his scumbag friends from claiming that he “had every right” to be where he was – which I assume they know was standing behind a woman with a knife to her throat. Here’s a comment a friend of his named Stacy Rebecca Bricco left on the news story:

this is bull! any one that knows him knows this isn’t how he was! he is not a monster like everyone want to believe. and the “updated version” of this is bull as well. saying they don’t know why he was there? yes the do he lived on their property! everyone needs to think twice before posting about someone they don’t know!

OK. He lived on their property so kidnapping a woman at knife point is non-monstrous behavior. Makes sense.

This cop is a hero, period.


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  1. Evan on June 5th, 2012 3:10 pm

    Its simple…the moment you wave a knife around somebody, you are presumed lethal to others. They were justified probably with him not making the move towards the woman.

    I’d like to know what the standard issued weapon is for GSCO and GPD. Anybody know?

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