Good News! Greenville News Says South Carolina Unemployment Down “A Little”

And when they say “a little” they mean it. As I was walking into a Dunkin’ Donuts this weekend I saw that the Greenville News was running a headline celebrating a drop in unemployment. The drop was from 11.1% to 11%.

Great news. The article goes on to talk about unemployment being one of the key issues in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

What should be at issue is the rotten reporting at the Greenville News. A drop from 11.1% to 11% is not front page news and is statistically insignificant especially in the holiday hiring season. The .1% drop can be explained by the Halloween outlets, Christmas shops and extra positions at big boxes that open up in the holiday season – and then go away in January. This is not good news. When our unemployed take those jobs not only are they stepping down into jobs that can’t really support them, they’re increasing teenage unemployment by taking jobs that have been traditionally meant for them.

And of course everyone knows that unemployment numbers can increase when people who haven’t found jobs exhaust their unemployment benefits. The government runs a scam by counting people who end up on the streets or living with family as having found jobs.

Not that all that would have made it into the article. Instead we have a non-story about a statistically insignificant variation of unemployment slapped on the front page in a desperate attempt to convince people the economy is getting better. It’s no wonder newspaper circulation is down.

Update: Also down “a little” – gas prices. I assume the editor at Greenville news is on sabbatical.


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