Good News! SLED Investigation Finds Philandering Not a Crime

Of course most people learned this lesson when Clinton was impeached, but bless their hearts for trying here in South Carolina. Pretty good governor/pretty lousy husband Mark Sanford was let off the hook at the conclusion an investigation which was apparently designed to see if they could criminalize politicians wasting taxpayer money if said politician had sex with someone while doing so:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina’s attorney general said he will not criminally prosecute Gov. Mark Sanford for travel and campaign reimbursements that drew civil charges and the largest ethics fine in state history.

McMaster on Monday said that the governor’s use of pricey airline tickets, travel to personal and political events on state aircraft, and questionable campaign reimbursements had not risen to a criminal level.

“While I’ve acknowledged repeatedly my own moral failing in this matter, we feel confirmed in our consistent belief that this administration has always been a stalwart defender of the taxpayer,” Sanford said in a statement. “SLED’s findings, the House Committee’s dismissal of 32 of 37 ethics allegations, and the Attorney General’s decision today reaffirm this long-held belief.”

The other politicians who continue to waste our money on lavish trips, tax payer funded cars, and the various other “perks” of office remain unindicted.

Speaking of criminals who belong in jail but got off easy, in a display of hypocrisy so rank it nearly choked me to death, Will Folks of FITSNews has expressed his extreme displeasure at Sanford being “given a free pass” by Henry McMaster who was running the investigation. Who’s Will Folks, some of you might ask? Well he once worked for Sanford, starting out as a campaign worker and later went on to embarrass Sanford several times while working for him.

Sanford stood by this douche until Folks roughed up his fiancĂ©e, a woman named Ashley Joy Smith. Just a couple of months after that assault Folks found his ex at a bar called The Black Porch and flipped out on her so bad that an arrest warrant was issued for him. You can read an archived news article about those incidents here courtesy Brad Warthen’s Blog. Sanford dropped him like the sack of dung he was (Mark may be a cad, but he’s an old fashioned cad) and Folks has, according to the muscadine vine, held a grudge ever since. Apparently he seems to believe that people made too big a deal of his abuse and insanity.

Is it necessary to point out that people who beat the crap out of their old ladies then go berserk in public but didn’t end up on the wrong end of a 10 year bid in the joint are living in a glass house when when it comes to complaining about “so-called investigations” into wrong doing?


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