Gothic Headline of the Week!

Apparently Jessica Goodman of the “Halifax Media Group” graduated from the Ann Radcliffe/Horace Walpole school of Journalism. Her reportage concerning some poor soul drowning in a canoe accident has a headline that should have you running to the church yard to smoke your clove cigarettes – Romantic canoe trip turns tragic as Greenville man drowns in NC lake:

A romantic canoe trip on Lake Osceola in North Carolina turned tragic Saturday after the boat capsized and a South Carolina man drowned, according to Capt. Frank Stout with the Henderson County (N.C.) Sheriff’s Office.

James Terial Ware, 50, of Greenville, S.C., and his fiancee were guests at Mountain Lake Inn and had taken the canoe onto the water near the inn when the vessel overturned, Stout said.

The woman swam back to shore, but the Ware “went under and didn’t come back up,” Stout said. The body was recovered by rescue units on the scene.

Stout said the death appears to be accidental, and no foul play is suspected. The canoe was equipped with personal flotation devices, Stout said, but Ware and his fiancee were not wearing them.

Stout said Saturday he did not know the name of Ware’s female companion.

Wow. A mysterious woman, a fatal accident and insinuations that people might have thought this was murder? It really is a Gothic romance.

And surely what could be better for a grieving person to read a headline reminding her that this tragedy occurred because the deceased was doing something romantic for her? It’s not like straight reporting about this without the poetics would spare anyone’s feelings, right?

I assume editors removed the Sisters of Mercy video embed Jessica included.


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