“Great Mother” Who Left Baby in Car on Drug Run Heading Off to Rehab

I called this one. Simpsonville resident Jessica Perry – who was arrested after leaving her baby alone in an unlocked car by I-85 – has told a judge she’s going to rehab in a bid to stay out of prison. This is all but an admission that these trips into North Carolina were drug runs. Drug runs with her baby in tow. Outrageous!

Despite that, here is what Linda Simpson, Perry’s mother, had to say about her daughter:

Linda Simpson, Perry’s mother, told NewsChannel 36 her daughter had never done anything like this before. She described her daughter as “a great mother.”

Really? She was caught twice driving under the influence in one week, had illegal prescription drugs on her and left her baby in a car alone and she’s a great mother? I would hate to see what Linda Simpson thinks is the bare minimum of mothering.

Fox Carolina has video of Perry in court and she’s a remarkably rubenesque woman for a drug addict, which I hope means that her addiction is new enough that it hasn’t destroyed her health. That video interviews a cop who was on scene who said aside from the drugs Hopefully she can get sober but with a mother who can look someone in the face and call Perry a good mother I’m not sure how good a support system she has.


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  1. DodiaFae on February 16th, 2011 2:01 pm

    This is just awful… if Perry is smart, she’ll get as far away from her mother as possible. One thing that addicts are taught in recovery is that they need to stay far away from their enablers.

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