Greenville Bank Robber Identified – Because He’s Too Stupid to Wear a Mask

Which is good since he’s off the streets. And let’s be honest – no criminal is particularly smart or they’d figure out ways to make money that won’t land them in the pokey. Via WSPA we have the fall of master criminal Ullyses Fulton:

Deputies say they’ve found a bank robber, accused of hitting a Wells Fargo Bank in Greenville County.

According to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, arrest warrants are out for Ullyses Fulton. Fulton, who’s from Woodruff, is in custody on an unrelated charge.

Investigators say Fulton robbed the bank on W. Parker Road on June 7. Arrest warrants state he was picked out of a photo lineup. He’s waiting to be transferred to the Greenville County Detention Center where he’ll be charged with Strong Arm Robbery and Entering a Bank with Intent to Steal.

I guess no one ever told him to lay low after committing a crime, or wear a mask while holding up a bank. Judging from his glassy, bloodshot eyes he probably isn’t great at making plans.


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