Greenville Cop Ambushed with Fireworks

If you peruse the national news headlines you’ll see that this actually happened lots of places. There was an unseemly amount of mayhem on our nation’s birthday which should tell you something about where we are as a people. From The Republic:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Authorities say a police officer was lured into a Greenville neighborhood and then intentionally shot with fireworks.

WYFF-TV reports that the Greenville officer was OK after being hit in the chest with fireworks Monday night.

Sgt. Jason Rampey said the officer was sent to an apartment complex after reports people were shooting each other with fireworks. Authorities say the officer was attacked with fireworks and called for backup.

The officer also arrested and charged a 15-year-old with unlawful discharge of a firework into a moving vehicle. During that arrest, Rampey says someone else fired another firework into the officer’s chest.

The officer was wearing body armor and wasn’t hurt. Rampey says investigators think kids at the complex called 911 to get the officer to come so they could attack him.

This was a bold attack that signals a breakdown in law and order in our city. Be careful out there.


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  1. Loup Garou on July 6th, 2011 9:02 am

    Why send the cops? I would have asked the caller if there was either (A) a fire or (B) an injury. if not I would have let them go until there was one or the other….. What other crimes may have been going on while the cop was arresting a 15 yr old? who knows? not the cops, that’s for sure. First off, I remember having bottle rocket fights in my neighborhood growing up, sure there may have been some burns and temporary loss of hearing, and yes, someone “could” have lost an eye, but that’s why we had parents….. if we didn’t run off too a empty lot or go to the woods to have our little battle, and we did it right out front of our house, our parents, and maybe not even our own, would put a stop to it. So I ask, where were the parents…sleeping? at their job? or sitting on the porch watching and laughing? My Dad worked swing shift for 13 years strait and still managed to catch me doing stupid things a “correct” my actions. I am grown with kids of my own and it makes me proud when my Dad tells me he’s Proud of who I’ve become, and I say to him, it’s all because of you old man. thanks for caring enough to make sure I turned out to be a decent adult. That is the most important thing that I have to pass on to my kids.

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