Greenville Deputy Stops Violent Robbers with Hot Lead! Greenville News Not Happy

Looks like the Greenville deputies bagged a couple of bad guys last night, although to read Paul Alongi’s version of the events on GreenvilleOnline you’d think the cops were trigger happy:

A man suspected of robbing a convenience store on Easley Bridge Road was shot twice tonight during a confrontation with a Greenville County sheriff’s deputy, authorities said.

He is expected to survive, said Lt. Shea Smith, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

The man was one of two people suspected of robbing a Citgo convenience store at 784 Easley Bridge Road, Smith said.

A deputy on patrol was near the store when he saw two men wearing ski masks come out, Smith said, and chased them behind the store. That is where shots rang out, he said.

Both men got into a car which crashed a short distance away, Smith said.

Alongi left out an important detail in this shooting however:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Greenville County deputies said that a man involved in a robbery on Tuesday night was shot, after he pulled a gun on the deputy.

Investigators said that two men robbed the Corner Mart on Easley Bridge Road, and got away with cash.

Officials said that a deputy saw the two masked men running to a getaway car near the Corner Mart. They said the deputy chased the pair, and shot the driver of that car. They said the driver and passenger crashed their car into a tree on West Street.

Both men were arrested.

Seems to me that a slight omission in a story can completely change what readers infer. Maybe Alongi doesn’t realize that his wording can lead people to believe that the cops just gunned down some possibly innocent suspects whereas the real story is that the thugs pulled a gun on the deputy.

Or maybe as usual The Greenville News has a political interest in painting the cops as jack booted fascists.


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