Greenville Ex-Cop Matthew Scott Jowers Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Charges

Matthew Scott Jowers Pleads Guilty

The news reports make it sound like Jowers and his compatriots were either too high strung for the job or just weren’t prepared to deal with the people you meet while on patrol but Jowers has pleaded guilty to depriving a man of his civil rights after roughing up an intoxicated homeless man.

From WYFF:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — One of four former Greenville police officers accused of improperly handling a homeless man in their custody has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of deprivation of civil rights.

Acting U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald said that prosecutors reached a plea agreement with Matthew Scott Jowers.

On Tuesday, Jowers admitted that on Sept. 13, 2009, “while acting under the color of law” he did “grab, push and improperly restrain a person in custody.”

Jowers claims that a drunken homeless guy was raising hell even after he was cuffed so Jowers slammed the man into the patrol car before placing him in the back. When the homeless man continued to raise hell (understandably after being roughed up) Jowers jumped in the back and throttled him.

Hey, we’ve all wanted to choke some of the drunks on the streets of Greenville but the police need to follow the law, not dispense street justice to someone who may or may not deserve it.

One of Jowers compatriots is expected to plead guilty pretty soon. In a move sure to make the local CopWatch goons swoon onto the patchouli and “fluid’ stained couches in Coffee Underground, Jowers was allowed to plead guilty without being indicted which means … something.

Technically, the officers are not indicted, they are pleading guilty to “information.”

I’m glad the reporters took the time to clear that up. But the result is that Jowers pleaded to a misdemeanor and faces a maximum of one year in jail.

On the other hand I’ve gotten a couple of emails from people saying that the homeless in downtown Greenville and some other areas are out of control and we shouldn’t “tie police officers hands.” I feel your pain but cops can’t be allowed to rough up any person who’s already been cuffed and controlled. That said, I have noticed a much more aggressive panhandling population around here. I would put forward that this is more due to the ever growing drug culture than homelessness, which is often a symptom of drug addiction or alcohol dependence.


2 Responses to “Greenville Ex-Cop Matthew Scott Jowers Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Charges”

  1. tom on March 31st, 2010 9:37 pm

    Sounds like you are the one that’s high strung. You should get all the facts before you sit down and try to speak or write out of ignorance. The man is not homeless to start with and you are only hearing the one side of the story. But if something like this happened to you I am sure you would only use the one sided story. Those guys were only following the command of what they were told to do.

  2. Rob Taylor on March 31st, 2010 9:52 pm

    I’d respond but you’re not speaking English. I’ve actually put both sides of the story right there. On the one hand we have a lot of drug users and drunks who get out of control and probably deserve some roughing up, on the other hand we can’t allow police to actually do the roughing up because the law must be equally applied.

    I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re drunk or something. Drink some coffee, then come back and explain why I’m wrong to offer my opinion on a news report.

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