Greenville Force Players Claim They Haven’t Been Paid in Several Weeks

The Greenville Force is an indoor football team that, like many involved in small scale entertainment industries, is suffering from the recession. Business revenue is down all over as Americans are embracing frugality and being more careful with their entertainment dollars. G-Force is not handling this new reality well.

From Fox Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Some players on the Greenville Force, an indoor football team, said Tuesday that they have not been paid in several weeks.

“Basically I’ve been up here for 12 weeks and all I can really say I can account for is $250,” said Isaac West, a player with the Force.

West said that he jumped at the opportunity to play football again in Greenville, but said things have not turned out the way he thought they would.

“There are times when I can’t even put gas in my car,” West said. “I can’t even go to the store and buy something to eat and get some food, but we’re supposed to be getting paid every week.”

West said that those who manage the team are not keeping up their end of the contract. He said that he is owed money for four games.

“The promises that were made to us haven’t come through,” said Willie Idlette, another Greenville Force player. “We signed a contract and everything is laid out — the pay, the compensation, the hours. Everything we thought would be needed to run a professional organization.”

The problem is that Tony Wells, the owner of the team, purchased them when they were already in deep financial trouble and he’s claiming an investor backed out of a deal recently so there is just no money to be had. But most businesses that run into that either file for bankruptcy or take drastic steps to improve cash flow.

But if you’re like me you’ve never even really heard of the Force. I’d put forward that that fact alone makes cutting the budget so that players can get paid easy since Wells has two community relations workers, a “Danzforce coach” and two sales reps. They also have a full coaching staff, including a special teams coach.

I’m thinking there’s some fat that can be trimmed until the team becomes profitable.

Businesses like this are going to need to follow the old business cliche of thinking outside the box. The Greenville Force are not just competing with other indoor football teams in games, but against high school football, college ball and the big leagues in the war for putting behinds in seats. You’re going to need to give people a reason to come see these games and the fact that you have some good players isn’t enough.


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  1. Eli on May 29th, 2010 11:34 am

    The fact is…Tony Wells has not paid the football team (and the ones he did pay, the checks bounced), the danzforce and other vendors including DJ, announcers and such. These problems with Tony Wells as a “businessman” were evident in the 2009 season, however no one wanted to step up and say anything. This man has a rapsheet and is truly charming (to your face.) His business practices are below the line of ethical. All I can say for him is that Karma is a bitch and hopefully he gets bitchslapped. There is much that has gone on and he always blames it on “investors”. Well, I have some advice, check with his “investors” and find out why they pulled out. Most of the time you will find that there were no investors. Check some bank statements and find out where the money is truly going. Childsupport perhaps?! If this league can totally get away from Tony Wells, it would have a great chance of staying in Greenville. If the money is used as it should, then you would see advertising and promoting and Greenville would know what a great treasure they have in the Force team. So, get Tony Wells far away from SC or in jail (this would be my preference) and the Force has a chance of survival.

  2. Eli on May 29th, 2010 11:39 am

    Also, the marketing people quit (they didn’t like his business practices), the Danzforce coach with fired because “he is head and they didn’t see eye-to-eye”, and his sales people (well, i don’t know, but they suck at their jobs anyway, so they probably don’t exsist.)

  3. Shannon McClattie on May 29th, 2010 1:49 pm

    You’re right Eli, this has gone on for quit some time. I am Shannon McClattie the cheerleading coach of the “The Fire”….the cheerleaders the first season. We went through the SAME problems and concerns. After the very first game, we were to be paid the following Tuesday…NO CHECKS…..we had practice that Saturday and he was suppose to bring the checks on Saturday…..NO CHECKS…..We had practice that Sunday…..NO CHECKS…..I spent the night in Greenville (I drove down from Charlotte) and went to the Bi Lo Center (much to his surprise) and waited 3 hours listening to him BS about why he thought I and the girls had already been paid. This is FACT and there were other people there who could confirm this!! I DID NOT TRUST him or his word on whether or not we would be paid so I took matters into my own hands…..we were paid timely from that point. I was NOT about to play with him or anyone else for that matter when it came to me or my girls! I could go on and on about the unprofessionlism I observed. I threaten to quit several times but the dedication of the cheerleaders kept me there. I resigned at the end of the season (only after I got my last check) and because they (Tony Wells and Bob Knowles) took over, not sure if the cheerleaders were paid for the last game.
    He is the worst and I am a true believer in what goes around comes around. I just hate the players and city of Greenville are suffering due to the STUPIDITY OF TONY WELLS!!!

  4. Eugene Lockett on June 9th, 2010 12:17 pm

    Hey people I was a player for the greenville force this year and you guys are so rite. on top of that the things Tony Wells put the players and you guys thru is a mark of a person with no morals. the guys i played with this year gave it our all weekend and week out for this man and the coaches and you know what we got in exchange no money.. our furniture repo the morning of the game we played columbus and the list goes on and on.This is the only time in my life where i second guess playin football ever again but the fight in me wont let 1 man take away from my future. I’ve been playin football since i was 6 years old i love the game with a passion.I have never met a man like Tony Wells ever in my life he lies and steals like its the right thing to do. Myself and other players talked to everyone i know to talk to about this and Im just askin why did this even happen to me or my teammates we our a close group who looked out for each other the whole time we weren’t getting paid and barely eating during the week.If you have any info on helping me press charges on Tony Wells please e mail me at thank you and remember the “force of friends” really aren’t your oh yea that’s tony wells none profit organization look it up.God Bless

  5. sjc on July 5th, 2010 1:35 pm

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  6. stef on February 8th, 2011 7:52 am

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