Greenville Police Admit Lawson Boling Was Set Up!

I got an angry comment and several angry emails about my last post where I point out the stink of set up that emanated from the “tip” authorities received about Lawson Boling. They go along the lines of “How dare you impugn this potential murderer’s mother?” which is a strange case to make since she raised him so his criminality would indeed be partially her fault.

However, as I said before Lawson Boling was just some poor sap keeping a couple of pistols in his trunk whose mother knew she could get him busted. From GreenvilleOnline whose staffers are doing the reporting the others won’t:

“Greenville County detectives called me to let us know that they had received a call about an irate student who was upset about something going on at school,” Welborn said.

When the student arrived on campus, police approached him, Welborn said. When they searched his car, they found two firearms in the trunk, Welborn said. One was in a holster and a second was in a case, he said.

It appeared that he didn’t intend to use them, Welborn said. “Still, it’s a violation of law,” Welborn said.

Looks like the elder Boling wanted to get her son busted and found a great way around cops having to respect that pesky Fourth Amendment. Call in and claim someone is going to go on a school shooting rampage and give cops the probable cause they need to search his trunk and find the guns he had, which were only there because he had no home.

So as I said yesterday, this was a set up. Isn’t it odd that the local papers aren’t covering that aspect though?


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