Greenville Police Quash Mini-Riot in Falls Park

Though Greenville News “reporter” E. Richard Walton does his best to paint a clearly chaotic scene as just another day at the park, even the most liberally biased reporting can’t pretty up this picture.

From GreenvilleOnline:

One person was arrested and two teenagers were detained after scattered fights broke out near Falls Park on Saturday night in downtown Greenville.

A squad of 15 to 20 police officers brought the crowd under control near 11 p.m.

The two teenagers were detained shortly after the 10 p.m. curfew, when anyone younger than 18 and unaccompanied by an adult must be off the streets in the downtown area.

Greenville Police Lt. Mike Hudson said one woman was arrested.

Hudson said he ordered every officer who “wasn’t on a (911) call” into the area.

15-20 officers aren’t needed to “bring a crowd under control” due to “scattered fights” and a few rowdies in a downtown don’t usually prompt whoever is in charge that evening to order every cop not dealing with an emergency to flood an area. Sorry Mr. Walton, but I’m thinking this incident was more serious than you’re making it out to be.

Being a homebody I’m rarely downtown these days, but I’m told that there’s a rough element out and about. Falls Park is popular at night for both the atmosphere and the drugs. The plaza next to Spill the Beans is known to be a “corner” for dealers and the park itself provides plenty of unlit areas where kids like to get high among other things. Parents are apparently still in the habit of dropping off their spoiled brats with a wad of cash in the downtown on the weekends, and frankly we should be charging them for the damage those kids are causing.

At the very least the parents of the children involved should be forced to pay for the hours our police weren’t able to deal with other crimes while babysitting their ill-spawn brood.


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