Greenville Sex Offender Rampage in Asheville

Usually I write about Asheville when one of those dirty hippies there does something especially noteworthy. But this time we Greenville County folks exported our problems to them. We have a sex offender named Leslie Dirton who runs around unsupervised and spent his time going to Asheville where he did what sex offenders do:

ASHEVILLE — City police extradited a South Carolina man who is a registered sex offender, charging him with multiple charges of indecent exposure and peeping late Friday.

Leslie Dirton of Greenville, S.C., faces eight charges of indecent exposure, seven charges of secret peeping and a charge of stalking.

Dirton is accused of making trips to mainly downtown Asheville to expose and gratify himself in front of unsuspecting men, said Asheville police Lt. Wally Welch.

Officer William Olson began putting together the cases after Olson arrested Dirton last February. Bouncers at Tressa’s Downtown Jazz and Blues club on Broadway Street called to complain that a man was exposing himself to patrons. Dirton was charged with indecent exposure, secret peeping, trespassing and resisting an officer, but was later released.

Olson spoke with a number of downtown merchants and after a lengthy investigation, determined Dirton was a suspect in more than a dozen other cases going back to 2010.

I’m surprised that the people in Asheville didn’t dig this behavior but they don’t so let’s keep this pervert on a shorter leash from now on.


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  1. Jaimie on April 5th, 2012 12:45 pm

    In response to the recent media blitz on apprehending Leslie Dirton, let it be known this individual was treated for a sexual compulsive disorder in his latter teen years and early adulthood. This stemming from he himself having been raped by an adopted cousin when Leslie was only 9 years old. The force of the trauma also caused Leslie to be drawn to Caucasians instead of his own African-American race, since his assailant was also African-American, and more than 10 years his senior at the times of the abuse. Leslie is not a hardened criminal, and does not deserve to be treated as such! He is simply a broken little boy emotionally, needing to be fixed. At one point in his earlier treatments, overseen and facilitated by his now deceased Mother, he was on medication of some sort, but went off of it and spiraled back into the same behavior shortly after her death. He also started getting arrested for the same types of incidents, and the system treated him like a criminal, labeling him a “sex offender” instead of giving him the help he needed! It makes me wonder how many times , or how many other instances someone has needed mental help, and because of race, creed, financial status, education(or lack thereof) or sexual orientation, been shoved into a convenient category like “sex offender” or “peeping tom” so the authorities can feel justified in their actions.
    When I pray for Leslie, I know my God will forgive him and restore him, but I worry about the unforgiving eyes of the people around him, after all, it was an unforgiving mob with the law on their side, that placed Jesus in hands of the Romans!


  2. Jaimie on April 5th, 2012 12:46 pm

    It also helps to be WHITE in Asheville…just saying!

  3. Rob Taylor on April 5th, 2012 1:54 pm

    As a bi-racial man who grew up in an all Black family I find your comments extremely racist. Many people were abused yet don’t go on to be abused and the paternalistic attitude that he can’t control himself is just a permutation of the old belief that Blacks are oversexed savages.

    He IS a sex offender and should be labeled a criminal. He is responsible for his own actions. What would Fredrick Douglas say if you were to tell him that in the future some pervert would have groupies claiming he wasn’t responsible for his actions (because he’s Black?) and shouldn’t go to jail for sexually harassing strangers in public?

    I can personally guarantee you that most of his problem is that he has people in his life making excuses for his conduct. Stop giving him cover and he’ll be forced to grow up and act like an adult sexually.

  4. allen on April 20th, 2012 10:45 pm

    I met leslie in the workplace about a year or two ago. When I found out that he had been arrested for these crimes in Ashville and then found out about his long history I was floored!
    Leslie never gave me any indacation that he had anything like this in his background.After hearing about his past childhood I cant help but wonder if he is not in this self destructive behavior as a way of self punishment.
    I had a cousin who was a good kid who went to a party one night was involved in a accident on the way home that killed the person he hit. He was arrested for DUI but was not ruled to be soley his fault. That became the begining of the end for him.He spireled down hill and he could not seem to punish himself enough. I hope Leslie can get help fighting his deamons.

  5. Rob Taylor on April 21st, 2012 12:51 am

    It does a grave disservice to the thousands of law abiding sex abuse victims to claim that criminality is simply a product of abuse. I would also say that the only evidence of this pervert’s supposed abuse is his friends making excuses for him.

    It is far more likely that he frequented “cruising” spots and has been rewarded in the past with sexual encounters. In the old days when some cretin went into the men’s room and pulled out his cock we gave him a few insults now kids call the cops. Times change and he screwed himself over.

  6. Tony on May 16th, 2012 8:35 pm

    I would like to say I know mr dirton,and does have a problem. He is a good person who just need help. I should now I was with him for about 7years throw it all.

  7. Rob Taylor on May 16th, 2012 8:47 pm

    Do good people end up on sex offender registries? What you’re saying is he’s a nice person to you and you like him – fair enough. People are never just one thing.

    He was cruising, we all know it. The people he inflicted his sexual deviancy on were also someone’s friends, maybe even “good people” and thye are who needs consideration.

  8. Tony on May 16th, 2012 8:49 pm

    I understand they do but he needs to be on medication. I first met him when he was on meds and he was a different person

  9. Rob Taylor on May 16th, 2012 9:03 pm

    And let me guess he decided to stop taking them?

    But seriously, hundreds of dudes do this in mens rooms, parks, etc because they sometimes score with other perverts (I went to high school in Manhattan by Central Park, I could tell you stories that would curl your hair) are all of them also in need of meds – or have they just learned an unhealthy way to express their sexuality?

  10. Tony on May 16th, 2012 9:58 pm

    He has a unhealthy sex life w he was in prison in SCfor almost six years for the same behavior

  11. Rob Taylor on May 16th, 2012 10:07 pm

    So what he needs is people who demand better from him, not encourage his behavior by minimizing and excusing it, no?

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