Greenville Trash Service Will Resume Tuesday

So take your goddamn garbage in neighbors of mine who seem to think that if they leave their garbage out long enough the garbage fairy will come get it. In reality my sub-division is getting covered in garbage (because I live with animals I guess) which is now soaking wet and starting to rot as the sun hits it. Sorry you weren’t prepared for living in a place without the necessary infrastructure to keep all services running during the worst winter weather in 100 years but if you don’t like it move back to Jersey.

From Fox Carolina:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Trash and recycling service in Greenville will be delayed until Tuesday because of icy roads and a holiday.

City offices reopened on Thursday after being closed for a few days because of the snow.

Officials said that solid waste service will continue to be one day late after it resumes on Tuesday.

Crews asked residents to bag any additional trash and place it next to their can if their cans are full.

It’s kind of embarrassing that people need to be told that frankly. Use some common sense.


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