Greenville Woman Mugged in Own Backyard!

This happened on Cole Rd. which is near White Horse Rd. so it’s actually no surprise to people familiar with that area. The woman was assaulted and choked by the assailant who made off with about $70 according to some reports. She required hospitalization for a seizure afterward:

From WYFF:

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — Greenville County deputies said a woman was choked and robbed in her own back yard Wednesday night.

Deputies said the woman had just returned to her home on Cole Road when she told deputies she was attacked before she could get in the door.

Deputies said she ran to her back yard but the attacker followed her there and choked her with wire.

The attacker ran off with the woman’s purse.

The woman had a seizure when deputies arrived but they said there were no life-threatening injuries.

Being choked with wire is a pretty serious assault, easily causing death if the assailant has enough time and strength to cut through enough flesh to bleed the person out. This mugger is clearly dangerous.

As usual, The Greenville News does their best to confuse the facts with a report by E. Richard Walton which shows the need for good editing of journalists’ reports:

The woman told investigators that a man slammed her to the ground and chocked her with wire about 7:10 p.m. off White Horse Road, said Lt. Tim Ridgeway, a Greenville County sheriff’s spokesman.

The man ran off with the cash, Ridgeway said. A K-9 unit picked up his trail, but lost it a in nearby parking lot, he said.

“We think he might have gotten into a car,” Ridgeway said.

The woman later had what was described as an epileptic seizure and was taken to the hospital, he said.

The woman, who wasn’t identified, is believed to be “OK,” he said.

Anyone with information about the crime can call Crime Stoppers at 23-Crime.

I don’t know what being “chocked” is, but I do know what proofreading is.

Also, someone should tell Walton that there are lots of places “off White Horse” so maybe narrowing down the area would help people know if maybe something they saw or heard might help the investigation. But of course, I’m just a crime blogger, not a professional journalist like the obviously well read E. Richard Walton. So well read is he that he knows different spellings for the word choked.


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