Greer Cars & Businesses Defaced by Gang Grafitti

Vandals used black spray paint to deface property in Greer Wednesday night.  Authorities found gang symbols and graffiti on several buildings and two vehicles.

Greer Police were dispatched to 218 Trade Street when a victim reported that his building and Dodge pickup had been spray painted with the letters UTB in black, according to a Greer police report.

A second vehicle that belonged to The Greer Citizen was also marked, and several of the building’s walls were tagged with UTB in the same black spray paint, the report said.

Police spokesman Lt. Jimmy Holcombe said some of the symbols were gang-related but the meaning of UTB is unknown.

Two other buildings, Langley & Associates and Victoria Place, were also spray painted, according to the report.

This act of vandalism should not be written off as mere adolescent antics.  With the Greenville metro area situated on the I-85 corridor between Atlanta and Charlotte, gang activity is on the rise.  Not even the sleepiest community is immune.


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